Monday, 18 August 2008

A Big Plug

Apologies if this is a non-topic, non-quality blog entry. But Scott managed to pull this off - and anything he can do, I can do too, dammit!

I'm going to run a PBEM Planescape campaign. It'll be done via yahoogroups, which I've been using to run another PBEM game for about three years now, and which has generally been satisfactory. (Also, I'm not good at setting up forums and the like, because of my strong technophobic streak, and having game turns emailed to me is much easier to keep track of than visiting a forum every couple hours.)

And I'm open for applications. Email me if you want in, at jean.delumeau THAT SWIGGLY MARK THING

The Crunch Bit

2nd edition AD&D, as God meant the game to be played, although seeing how little difference there is between 1st and 2nd edition AD&D I might be willing to accept 1st edition classes, magic, and so on with a few tweaks. I'm not big on playing the rules exactly as written, anyway.

I have essentially all the brown complete handbook series, plus various other sourcebooks, so feel free to go hog wild on kits and the like. However, this is going to be a game for Primes - we're going for a Strangers in a Strange Land theme here - so no planar stuff is allowed. (A corollary of this is that people who don't know their Planescape arses from their elbows are more than welcome to join.)

Mechanics-wise, we're going for old school starting-at-level-one 3d6-for-stats. I'll have you make those rolls, and other very important ones, via an online dice roller. Generally in-game rolling will be done by me, though. As Planescape is a tough setting for 1st level characters, I won't enforce stat class restrictions. I will enforce level limits, though, and although I'll be as fair as possible, I won't pull punches regarding character death.

Game wise, I'm big on combat, exploration, swashbuckling action, and weirdness. Angst and emo, not so much. I like character development and I like a good stories but I don't like those things to be predetermined. Ideally, they'll arise during the course of play.

There's no metaplot here or big story arc - the planes are infinite, you've just arrived, and the multiverse is your oyster. Let's see where you end up!

I'd like a party of 6, so get in quickly. I'll choose people mostly on a first come first served basis, although obviously if I know you (via the blogosphere or wherever) it'll be a help. For the time being, just send me an email saying "I want to play!" or words to that effect, and we'll go from there.


  1. Dammit all, and I just got rid of my 2e books because I was out of space...

  2. Hi! I'm interested to play! (And I can't find your email on the site...)

    I'm an Italian DM with a lot of Planescape experience. I've runned a Planescape campaign for three years in the golden age.

    How's the time requirement for your PBEM? How often I'm supposed to post?

    You can find my blog here:

    You can contact me here:
    il.genio.del.male [at] gmail [dot] com
    (yeah, I'm an enthusiastic about the 4E, hope you don't mind)

  3. I wonder whether the Planescape setting would lend itself to a sandbox-style of play, a la The Western Marches. It seems like you'd just need to alter the scale, with the home base/quest source/resupply zone being Sigil, and the "Areas whose general nature is known" being the various big-ol-planes, rather than "the Bog of Sorrows" or whatever.