Saturday, 14 February 2009

BECMI Bariaur Class

Prime Requisite: Strength
Other Requirements: Constitution of 9
Experience Bonus: +5% XP for Strength 13-15; +10% for Strength 16 or greater
Hit Dice: 1d8 per level up to 9th; +4 hp per level thereafter
Maximum Level: 16
Armour: Any, shields permitted
Weapons: Any
Special Abilities: Fighter Maneuvers; Fighter Combat Options; Charge Attack (see below)
Experience Levels: As Magic User
Saving Throws: Bariaur use the Fighter saving throw table

Bariaur are a hybrid of man and animal; their torso and arms are those of a human but the body is that of a large goat. The head is a mixture - the face human but horned like a ram in males and like a nanny goat in females.

Bariaur are generally lighthearted and are often considered shallow; they care for nothing much besides travel, drink, sex, and looking good. Incorrigible peacocks, their favourite pastime is decorating their horns, fur and clothing with elaborate, colourful schemes.

Bariaur are very strong fighters, but not intellectually oriented. They have no talent for magic. They have surprising dexterity for their ungainly-looking appearance, but still face difficulties in enclosed environments like dungeons.

Special Bariaur Characteristics:

Movement: Bariaur move much more quickly than members of other races. Their movement rate is 180' (60').

Charge Attack: A Bariaur can forgo the chance to make an ordinary attack and instead declare a charge. This allows him to move up to his running speed and make an attack with his horns. The charge attack does 1d8 damage, plus Strength bonus. However, on a successful hit the Bariaur must also make a saving throw vs. death ray/poison or lose 1d4 hit points himself.

Climbing: Bariaur are agile for their size, but climbing trees and sheer walls is generally impossible for them unless they have assistance of some kind.

Outdoor and Indoor Activities: Bariaur prefer the outdoors and gain a +1 bonus to their attack rolls under an open sky; conversely, they suffer a -1 penalty to their attack rolls indoors.


  1. I quite like this; a very nice adaptation indeed, of one of the most overlooked PC races from Planescape. I especially like the contrast between outdoor and indoor ability.

    Excellent work! :D

  2. Very nice. I'm tempted to add them to my Thursday game. They'd make a nice fey race.