Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Fighting Fantasy Monday: Seas of Blood (IV)

The votes for being patient pirates won out last round. Let's see if good things come to those who wait.

After just one day, a caravan of enormous ochre-coloured octopedal beasts shambles over a ridge and into sight. The heavy pack-animals are guarded by a dozen Lizard Men who, high in their wooden saddles, survey the surroundings with some suspicion. Keeping your men out of sight, you allow the convoy to approach within striking range, then launch the attack. As your crew surge out, uttering their war cry, the Lizard Men calmly draw long composite bows and let fly; the three-foot arrows cut a swath through your force. Deduct 2 points from your CREW STRENGTH. Eventually, hand-to-hand combat begins.


If your crew defeat the guards, add 1 day to your
LOG and then turn to 329.

After a short sharp fight the lizardmen are dead at the feet of our pirate crew, who suffered no casualties save the two men killed by three-foot arrows. Let's find out what bounty awaits.

With the guards overcome, you and your crew loot the caravan - stripping boxes, sacks and skins of wine from the great pack-beasts. The amount of booty, however, is not large. You find 63 Gold Pieces in a small chest and only 1 of the surviving Lizard Men is in fit enough condition to be traded as a slave. A little disappointed, you gather up your
now drunken crew and return to the Banshee. Turn to 35.

So there's your answer. Good things really don't come to those who wait.

Returning to the Banshee, you weigh anchor and set off out to sea. If your crew have taken casualties, you could head for the neutral city of Assur to recruit some more men (turn to 171). Alternatively, you could go to the neighbouring city of Calah to try your luck in the gambling-pits (turn to 211), or sail east to raid the isle of Enraki (turn to 76).

Decisions, decisions. 171, 211 or 76?

Log: 9 days
Gold: 63
Slaves: 1
Crew Strength: 15


  1. I love the pulpy goodness of caravans protected by lizard men and towed by enormous octopedal ochre-coloured beasts. To the gambling pits - 211

  2. You fight like sissies! We need to recruit some real men! To the neutral city!

  3. Enraki.

    I've been overruled every time so far, and things have sucked so far.


  4. Arrr... now me blood's up! To raidin'!

  5. Finally back to sea! Raid the island fools!