Thursday, 18 March 2010

Fighting Fantasy Monday (Except on Wednesday): Seas of Blood (IX)

Plundering rich merchants was definitely the most popular choice. Let's see where it leads us.

The Banshee cuts through the quiet waters of the Inland Sea; your look-outs keep a continuous watch on the clear horizon for any sign of shipping. Roll three dice. If the result is less than your CREW STRENGTH, add 4 days to your LOG. If the result is equal to or greater than your CREW STRENGTH, add 5 days to your LOG. If your LOG is an even number turn to 363; if your LOG is an odd number, turn 294.

The result was an 8, less than our crew strength, so that's 4 more days to the log. The log is now 17, so let's find out what's in store on 294 (took me ages working out how I could make that rhyme):

The square rig and wide hull of a merchantman appear on the horizon. It is a large vessel, heavily laden and possibly well armed, ploughing its way west from the Eastern Rim to the city of Kish. Will you attack this ship (turn to 391), or leave it be and continue patrolling, looking for something a bit smaller (turn to 66)?

(They love trying to build suspense, the FF authors, don't they?)

Log: 17 Days
Gold: 63
Slaves: 1
Crew Strength: 15
Stamina: 15 (out of 19)


  1. We have to spell it out? ATTACK!

  2. Our luck has to change sooner or later: ATTACK!

  3. I saw this last week and thought you guys would be amused... silly but momentarily entertaining.

  4. Billy Billerson18 March 2010 at 15:21

    Maybe we should let them go... JUST KIDDING--ATTACK!

    Saw this the other day

    Does anyone else think this is the most awesome thing EVER??? (As a kid I tried to make a lego-knights game but my attempts at authoring the rules were not successful--probably cause I was 10)

  5. thank you so much for that, Billy Billerson!

  6. Attack! Loot 'er and send 'er to that bottom! Arrrrr!

  7. Cry Havok and let slips the dogs of 391!