Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Twitter Is Good For Something

I was going to write a long post about Michael Polanyi after some interesting comments on this story-games thread, but it'll have to wait, because there is something much more important: somebody has created a twitter account purporting to be "Plots from the unaired 8th season of Star Trek: The Next Generation", the conceit being that each 140-character tweet is a plot synopsis for a NextGen epsiode. And it's brilliant.

As my friend who sent me the link put it, the tweets are comical, but there is something on the nose about them. You actually really could imagine all of them happening. Examples:

Geordie falls in love with a beautiful girl who turns out to be the exotic pet of a visiting dignitary. Riker's birthday party is a success.
Worf brags about a new ceremonial knife for a week, then must prove his innocence after a mysterious stabbing. Riker does 150 pushups.
A rakish pilot from Beverly’s past steals a dangerous prototype space fighter. Riker’s play ignites a sexual hysteria among the female crew.
Wesley returns from a trip to discover that the Enterprise crew has been transformed into pigs. Worf is a mean pig.
An alien judge imprisons Picard in a carnivorous plant for doubting his justice system. Guinan invents an amazing new "single level" chess.
Data must solely represent non-carbon-based life at a Federation symposium on galactic civil rights. Riker fights a bear.

And my absolute favourite:

Picard is trapped inside a sentient turbolift. A clip show highlights the most memorable “Picard is trapped on a turbolift” moments.


  1. http://twitter.com/#!/TNG_S8/status/133993164829761537

    This one had me crying with laughter.

  2. This is really really funny, thanks.

    I also had a jaunt to your story-games thread. I played a couple of games of Dungeon World. While I was trying to learn how to run it I kept getting sent to The Walking Eye's three-part (at least) podcast Let's Play of Dungeon World. You've probably found that already, but if not:


    The game didn't click for my group, but if you love D&D and Apocalypse World, like you said you do, you'll probably like this.

    For me, the answer was not Dungeon World, but Old School Hack.


    It's short, simple, and the rules are unique and GENIUS. People who like both new school and old school gaming are its target market. Or would be, if it weren't free. I'm just some random internet guy, but for what it's worth it has this random internet guy's highest recommendation.