Saturday, 7 April 2012

The Minimalist Approach

In a bid for minimalist efficiency, I am going to attempt to transfer all my notes (and computer files) on Yoon-Suin into this squared/graph note pad and set of index cards. Bottle of wine, cakes and so on are optional extras.

The idea is to be able to carry round the entire thing in one hand, and flip through it at will. I am, from now on, travelling light.


  1. My method is similar: one binder, one bound notebook (to record session information and take notes during play), and a box of dice. The stuff in the binder is generally printouts (most often in one page dungeon format now). If I ever have to reference a book or computer during play, I consider that a minor failure.

  2. Same here, an excellent idea indeed and perhaps a necessary step before you put this all in good order and Lulu us something about it :)?