Friday, 28 September 2012

I Am Afraid Now

What is this?

What are its stats in the game of your choice?


  1. Well, first off, that's not a doorway, that's a 100 foot tall opening at the end of a ledge. YOu can't see where the PCs are standing on it because of the angle of the photo.

  2. Dear Lord. Where did you find this?

    In any case, I would say that this is the god named Terror Doll, also known as the Face In The Mirror. It doesn't have stats because you can't fight it; it is always on the other side of the window, peering through the cracked door at the end of the hallway, or silhouetted in some distant door. Its sanctified spaces are abandoned houses, forests at at night, and right behind you when you are alone. Attracting the attention of Terror Doll is a good way to die in a spectacular and mysterious fashion, but someone stalked by Terror Doll can divert its attention by leading it to someone who is impressionable and easily scared.

    Clerics of Terror Doll cannot cast Cure Wounds, or any healing spell for that matter, but they are adept at manipulating the minds of their enemies. They may gain the favor of their patron by frightening small children.

  3. My pet albino woolly mammoth Ricky. Ricky! Get in here!

  4. It's an Owlbear.
    A >fast< owlbear. A cautious owlbear.
    A... slender owlbear.

  5. Doppleganger.

    Thanks Noisms, now I have a new paradigm for Dopplegangers as some variant of creepy as fuck modern folklore alien.

  6. Angular Cyclopean Cat... as per the Hounds of Tindalos, except they hunt "cheeseburgers" (ie. rations) via slightly opened doors.

  7. THAT's what "lurker above" should mean!

  8. Slenderbear... fuck me.

    It's a Pale Lurker - a peculiar type of Undead, favoured by Clerics of Vecna. They are somewhat intangible, capable of walking through walls, and can relay any information they view back to their creator.

    Clerics of Vecna use them for recon, and to collect secrets from the strangest of places...

    They don't tend to attack unless they are detected - so if you see that eye again, don't react.