Monday, 28 September 2015

Why does the new guy know the PCs?

You know the scene. A new player has joined the group. He has his PC all rolled up. Now he just needs to have a reason to be there. What I typically do is to either: a) avoid thinking about it and act as though the new PC was there all along; b) let the PCs think up a reason. What is really needed is a table.

The "Who Is This Guy?" Table

1. The ultra-competitive younger sibling of a randomly determined PC, who is determined to outdo him or her
2. Somebody who owes gambling debts to one of the PCs and has joined up to pay the debts off
3. Somebody who thinks he or she is in love with a randomly determined PC and is following him or her everywhere
4. The protective older sibling of a randomly determined PC, sent to watch over him or her
5. Somebody who challenged one of the PCs to a duel; the PCs "liked his style"
6. A local dreamer who saw the PCs, recognised they were adventurers, and begged to be allowed to come along
7. A spy sent by an enemy of the PCs who has befriended them in a pub
8. Somebody who mysteriously looks exactly the same as one of the PCs; it's too much of a coincidence not to join forces
9. Somebody who is convinced one of the PCs is an avatar of a god/a messiah/a prophet and is determined to follow
10. Somebody who needs money to ransom a kidnapped relative and has begged the PCs if he/she can come adventuring with them
11. A stooge of the local ruler who insists on following the PCs everywhere to report on what they are doing
12. One of the hirelings who insists that he have a full share of loot if he/she proves his/her worth

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