Monday, 31 May 2010

Sex and The Risus

In honour of the release of the most hotly anticipated film of the past decade (by Mrs. Noisms anyway), Risus Sex and the City characters.


Selfish bitch 4
Annoying whiner 3
Platitudinous waffler 2
Fag hag 1


The only vaguely interesting one 4
Used to be a vulcan 3
Let's face it, a bit of a milf 2
Arched eyebrow of death 1


The only attractive one 9
A bit boring 1


The only vaguely human one 4
Cattiness 3
Reasonably witty 2
Probably able to maintain a conversation longer than 5 minutes that isn't about clothes 1

All the Men

Rich and vapid 4
Unaccountably attracted to really annoying women 3
Unaccountably attracted to really selfish women 2
Unaccountably attracted to really unattractive women 1


  1. I'm glad to see you were able to do something positive with your impending wife-enforced trip to the see the movie. :)

  2. hear hear. I feel a bit better after having read this and an article in a glossy by another woman who also doesn't 'get' SATC and finds it depressing.

  3. @Roger - Tonights episode: Samantha inadvertently commits breach after seeing a studly guy in Ul-Qoma. ;)

  4. Nice. Now I have this idea for the Quadruple Bitch Goddess--expensive yet skanky temples and a liturgy based upon finding meaning in shoes. Just wait until the PC's stumble upon the Bitch Goddesses' undead High Priestess!

  5. Noisms, I just bought my partner her first ever computer game: Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble. Your stats sound like something from the game!

    (Is there actually an attractive one? They all look like drag-queens to me)

    I have (surprise!) an analysis of Sex and the City. In essence: it's really unradical, and counterproductive for women's liberation.