Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Warhammer and Dreams

I've got a big project on at the moment, so time is tight for blogging and other internet activities (note: this applies to the Yesteryear crew too) but I hope to do a series of posts over the next few days all about the world of Warhammer and how it can be used to influence D&D.

In the meantime: I had a dream last night that a new game was being released in which task resolution was carried out not through dice rolling, but through trying to pull down the pants of the other players. It was the talk of the internet, and even featured on the BBC news website. I wish I could remember the name of it. My wife told me I woke her up by laughing at the concept in my sleep.


  1. Would this be the excellent-sounding indie game "Debagger" that I've been hearing all the buzz about?

    Looking forward to the D&D <==> WFRP posts.

  2. Hmm, I think there was a German RPG in the 80s called "Die Pantzer Marsch" that had a mechanic like that...

  3. Speaking of Warhammer and D&D, am I a bad person? My campaigns occasionally use bits of orcish language, and the word we decided on for "weapon" is "Dha Kaa", taken from 40k's "Dakka". (most of the rest is based on Tolkien's Black speech, but Dha Kaa is a constant.)

  4. If Mrs M was annoyed that you woke her up laughing, what did she say when you told her what you were laughing at?

  5. Chris and sirlarkins: I was betting the first comment would be a wisecrack; two for the price of one! ;)

    Rach: A very bad person indeed. ;)

    zero_zero_one: She laughed too, but I think she was laughing at me rather than with me.