Friday 28 January 2022

List of Party Assets

I have been running my weekly campaign for a year now. With a few weeks missed here and there, we've played roughly 50 sessions, or 115 days of game time. What better way to take stock and celebrate this milestone than post the complete, player-maintained 'Party Assets' Google Doc file, complete with eccentric formatting? (Sadly, there is no list of dead PCs - we have had quite a lot. Another one today, in fact.) 

It amuses me to imagine people with no connection to the campaign reading this and being puzzled by it. So here it is. I stress that it is player-maintained. I have no input into this.

Party Assets

House and Building

Party House - two-storey stone construction

Stockade surrounds compound

Stockade now augmented by ditch

Wooden Kennel - for at least three dogs

Paddock, stables and store for horse and wagon (on separate plot of land to house)

Mead brewing operation in stores

Shrine to Jupiter Fereterius, with vervain bush (ill-kept since death of Gnaeus?)

Pyramid out the Back

Temple to Nortia

[Resting place of Publi Artnli]

Those Buried in the Pyramid of Men Kheper Ra

Sarcophagus of Men Kheper Ra

Sarcophagus of Laren Dar & his Dog Hades

Sarcophagus of Gnaeus Mescinius Murena

Grave of Ustig - Martyr of Nortia

Sarcophagus of Tannu the Sweaty - Martyr of Nortia

Buried in the Garden

Wolvela - Martyr of Nortia

Cynbryd of the Comb - Martyr of Nortia

Elen, Amazon sister

Bolton, former Jumblie

The Household


Established hire of the widow Endelienta as housekeeper

Aaron - general servant and occasional assistant


Bronwen the test-pig and her pen

Wagon and horse (called Laren, a compliant animal)

Vultumma  - War Pig of Nortia

Cult of Nortia (NPC’s)

Vultumma the Pig - AC 6 13 HP [Deceased as of 24th November]

Padraig the Tall - Harpoon, Shortbow, Wooden Armour, Wolfskin Cloak. 4 HP
[NB - no longer an NPC as of 14th July]

Afan the Slender - Horribly Thin, Shortbow (wooden armour?), Vial tarantula poison. 
5 HP [Deceased as of 24th August]

Cynbryd of the Comb- only says ‘yes’, leather armour, great axe, carries a comb, great hair, 3hp [Deceased as of 14th July]

David of the Web - Wooden armour, wooden poisoned spear, Woodcutter with rickets and a spider in a box. 6 HP [no longer an NPC since 22nd July] [Deceased]

Kevoca of the Spiral - Wolfskin cloak, spear, trilobite, wooden armour, The Martyr’s Comb (formerly Cynbryd’s). 2 HP [Deceased as of 22nd July]

Finan of the Hammer - Adolescent, maul, 10” string, wooden armour. 5 HP [no longer an NPC since 24th August]

Illtud - longbow - never shuts up about hedgehogs - vial of poison [Deceased as of 24th November]

Marcus - huge goitre - axe no armour - 2d6 arrows - wolfskin cloak, healing potion

Hywel - axe, banded mail, shield - always scratching himself - 10 metres of string [Energy drained by undead Tosutiges; deceased - or perhaps undead - as of 23rd September]

Jacut - axe, hard leather, shield - huge and muscular - amphora of wine [deceased 23rd Sep]

Yauseen - Assyrian dwarf, banded mail, staff decorated with snakes, maul [deceased as of 16th November]

Tosutiges - ???? [Deceased as of 16th September; revived as undead 23rd September, burnt and thrown into a cage, hopefully dead again]

Cercops - Greek, Devotee of the philosopher Anaximander, iron amulet, sickle. 

He has been employed at a wage of 250 GP a month as Vicar of the Cult of Nortia. His duties include a record of the Party’s deeds, the keeping of accounts, monitoring the temple and dealing with the Druidesses in the player’s absence (with a very limited scope for autonomy).

Ina - a girl barely out of childhood - carries a trident and 9 arrows. Lured from Tremadog by silver-handed men playing beautiful music. Now the Sacred Child of the Cult.

Titus - a Roman, a coward, carries a maul and a porcupine quill [deceased as of 22nd December]

Bronwen - a Celt, carries a long bow and light armour, 2d6 arrows, very old [deceased as of 27th January]

Ina the Ever-Smiling - wine, club, light armour, never stops smiling

Mael - deaf, short bow and dagger, ‘Lucky feather’ [deceased as of 12th January]

Gwladys - old woman, club, light armour, gold locket [deceased as of 22nd December]

Cassander - Carthegenian, Maul, carries a rat everywhere, has a ‘lucky bone’ [deceased as of 20th January]

Afan - Nude, shortbow, arrows, long roll of string, 4HP

Marcus the Combed - Roman, leather armour, short sword, shield, comb, doesn’t shut up about dandelions. 2 HP

Hasdrubal the Friendly - Cathegenian, club, porcupine quill, friendly and talkative. 3 HP 

Our Amazon Sisters

Aurelia - muscular, carries a Shortbow, Spear and Battle Axe,  [no longer an NPC since 24th August; 14 HP Lvl 3 Fighter] [deceased 10th December]

Julitta - great maul - big nose - giant's tooth, wolfskin cloak, healing potion 6 HP [deceased as of 28th October]

Elen - sickle - small person - lucky feather 2 HP [deceased as of 1st October]


Bolton - magic dagger?, 3 HP [deceased as of 1st October]

Regan -  ??? [deceased - or perhaps undead - as of 23rd September]

Finan - Jade sword, Selkie’s knife, two flasks oil

Cordelia - Wooden armour, two flasks oil 1 HP [deceased as of 14th October]

Goneril - Scale mail, Long sword, short bow, two flasks oil 2 HP [deceased as of 21st October]

Craig - Pet rat, Scale mail, Long sword, short bow, two flasks oil 5 HP [deceased as of 22nd December]

Innogen - Bow, arrows, sword, armour 3 HP [deceased as of 16th November]

Cymbeline - Bow, arrows, sword, armour 3 HP - Houndmaster of the Cult 

Cloten - Bow, arrows, sword, armour 2 HP  [deceased as of 22nd December]

Arviragus - Bow, arrows, sword, armour 4 HP [deceased as of 16th November]

Gwydion - never stops smiling

Arianrhod - has one eye

Eufydd - very old

Blodeuwedd - has rickets

Other Companions

Sal - a Salamander previously engaged in the Mortuary Trade, [now helping with the mead]

‘Nicholas Cage’ - A (formerly) mad Fair Folk, of the House of Henst, named Henst-Ath.
Now a henchman, 2 HP

Atrius - Roman priest - haruspex, Mail, Mace and shield, Sling, 2 HP AC 4 [deceased as of 27th January]

Enoder - Fat son of a merchant, carries mirror, serves Atrius. [Currently been trusted with 1,000 GP to invest] HE HAS NOW DISAPPEARED!

X amount of Sheep for prophetic purposes.

Flavius - Romanised Woodwose. 2HP, AC 6, Knife and sling

Aurelia has a notice out for a Punic alchemist, to be employed at the rule-standard rate of 2,000 GP a month. (Despite her death, funds remain for this)

Pandion - Greek magic-user, Darts, short sword, Native of Corinth, Uncle of Aurelia -
3 HP, AC 10

Ghosts and Spirits

Spirit of Men Kheper Ra

Thathren - a spirit in service to the House of Djem, rescued from the Second Level of the Tree. Resembles a miniature sun. 


That Pig guy, forgot his name? - 

The Hounds

Three dogs, cared for by Cymbeline. These are used as guard animals.

The Stables

Eleven horses, one called Laren Dar

Stay-at-home People (Overlaps with other entries)


Cercops (Vicar of the Cult of Nortia)


Sal the Salamander




Weapons and armour

Leather armour


Other stores


500lb jar of honey = 347 pints, eventually worth 3,000 GP as mead (Honey worth 500 GP)

Mead brewing gear, pots suitable for storage of mead

[Mead ready Day 93]


(In scrolls, spellbooks, &c)

Contact Outer Plane (5th)

Magic Jar (5th)
Conjure Elemental (5th)

Sleep (1st)

Hold Portal (1st)
Darkness (2nd)

Web (2nd)

Hold Person (3rd)

Haste (3rd)

Fireball (3rd)

ESP (2nd)
Clairvoyance (3rd)

Stylmatos’s Spellbook

Protection from Evil (1st)

Magic Missile (1st)

Charm Person (1st)

Detect Magic (1st)

Men Kheper Ra’s Spellbook

Sleep (1st)

Shield (1st)

Floating Disc (1st)

Hold Portal (1st)

Level One HQ

35 days iron rations per head

35 days worth of water per head

Obsidian spears


Lengths of timber for barricades &c

Fire box

Party Kitty

At time of creation - 3400 GP

Present - 4850 GP 158 SP

Last big party-funded purchase - the paddock and warehouse at coast of 2000 GP (still being built)

Regular expenditure 

- 1 GP a month Endelienta’s wages

- 15 GP a month food and fuel (party only?)

- 25 GP a month sponsorship of Tybie (begins Day 180)

- 250 GP a month for Cercops as Vicar of the Cult of Nortia

7th July
-140 GP donated to the captives of the Earwig Men.
(Rebuild their lives, spread the word of Nortia)

14th July

  • 158 SP

28th July

  • 1846 GP from Kemnebi’s death

11th August

  • 200 GP for Sarcophagus of Khem Nebi Ra

  • 30 GP for 2 days Iron rations for the entire party

9th September

  • 100 GP for Tybie’s Sponsorship

Intra-Party Accounts

26th of May - the Temple Fund

The cult of Nortia borrows 750gp from Kemnebbi the Egyptian - interest rates 10% per month. Paid back as of 7th July.

The clerc Octavius pays another 750gp towards the creation of a simple temple to Nortia.

Temple construction completed day 63. The 2nd of June.

Aurelia and Padraig each pay 125 GP a month to Cercops for his role as Vicar of the Cult of Nortia

Sacred Raiment of the Maru of Nortia

Feathered Cloak

Etruscan Silk Surcoat (one magic missile hole)

Feathered Headdress (magic)

Big Hammer

Sponsored Novice

Name:  Tybie

Age: 12-13

Cult: Rootedness

Meeting with us every full moon to discuss Druidic teachings (and bring us intel from the inside of the Cults).