Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Fighting Fantasy Monday: Seas of Blood (XVI)

Last time, deep in an underwater cavern, we chose to enter through the slit rather than the back door. I'm sure Pat Robertson would approve. This led us to paragraph 398:

As you swim through the crack, it snaps shut, pinning you tight some twenty fathoms under the sea. The slit is actually the heavily encrusted mouth of a giant clam. The creature holds you fast long enough for the effects of the magic potion you drank to wear off. Your adventure is over.

Yes, you did read that right. I'm sure this sort of crushing unfairness breeds character, or something, but suddenly I'm remembering why I always used to cheat with Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks....

Anyway, on that abrupt note, it seems the adventure is over. It was fun while it lasted. Next week: Scorpion Swamp!


  1. I am sure there is an important lesson about slits and piracy in it, though I fail to notice it right now...

  2. and it was totally sad that we all wanted to go through the slit :(

  3. I was secretly tempted to take Scorpion Swamp along to Games Expo in Brum on Saturday for the Jackson/Livingstone book signing session and say "Steve! This was the best one you ever wrote!" :)

    I chicked out and got them to sign Fighting Fantasy Introductory RPG instead.

  4. Turn back to the previous paragraph! Turn back!

  5. Yes, any proper FFer has his fingers stuck in at the previous three or four paragraphs, as a rudimentary save point system. ;)