Saturday, 8 January 2011

List of Places Zombies Can Be Encountered

List of locations/scenarios in which I've put zombies, or intend to:
  • In a signal box by a railway junction.
  • In a church - zombie priest and choirboys.
  • In the middle of a frozen lake.
  • Submerged in the water underneath the ice on a frozen river or lake.
  • Zombie DJ at the top of a radio tower.
  • Mineworkers in an abandoned mine.
  • Zombie stewardesses at the airport.
  • Zombie zoo animals running amok.
  • Zombie dwarves at an abandoned circus.


  1. If we can name films in which these zombies have appeared, can we have a prize? ;)

  2. Wait, let me get this straight, so you're -not- the one responsible for the zombie who works behind the counter at CVS?

  3. You could put them in a house, or with a mouse, in a box or with a fox ...

  4. @Matt:

    Green Legs and Scram: Post-zombie Seuss.

  5. You've gotta put in zombie packs, like in elevators, subway cars, busses ...

    And put loot inside that the survivors really want >:P