Tuesday, 20 November 2012

In the Time of Byakhees I was a Deep One

That just struck me as a good title for a blog entry. I can't think of what the entry is, though.


  1. some cultists went insane and others just are junkies

    with the extra eyeballs, losing my copy

    of necronomicon in the r'lyeh undertow

    kill the bright lights and summon cthulhu

    the torches are flamin' and the priests are in full control

    Baby's at Innsmouth with the deities

    Got a few towns snared, sleep in the deep sea

    Voices say i'm insane to complain

    about a shotgun wielding stain on my shirt

    Can't believe all the Things you can see

    Get a parking violation and Bholes in your sleeves

    so save your mace for the Yith in the dark

    shredding your brain's scraps, burn down Miskatonic Park

    Yo, Cut it

    Soooooooooooy un sacrifice, you're a cultist baby, so why don't you kill me?

    (double-barrel buckshot)

    1. Oh, you had it perfect until the last line, it should've been "I'm a mutant, baby..."

    2. Nice remix. I now have this playing on loop in my head.

  2. Sounds like the start of a sharing session at one of Wreck it Ralph's meetings. So how long till Disney buys the rights to the Cthulhu Mythos?