Sunday, 23 April 2017

Hot Young Note Pad Action

There is nothing in life quite like a fresh new note pad, especially when it is well designed. Check out this beauty.

Cue line about wanting to fill that full of.... ahem, where was I?

While I'm on the subject of note pad pornography, here are some soft core teasers from my favourite line, Croquis. They are for fashion designers, but don't let that put you off: the paper is just lovely to write on, and they flip incredibly nicely (they just fall open, as if they simply can't wait for you to get your hands all over them.... ahem, where was I?).

Check out those spirals. Phwoar. 

The best thing about a note pad is it being empty, I think. The promise of all those unspoiled pages and what you could do with them. I think I might use my latest one to plot out a megadungeon. I mean 240 squared pages - it would be rude not to. 


  1. Very nice! I have a bright yellow leuchtturm1917 which I am slowly filling with my own fantasy campaign.

    I also got an awesome wee leather traveller's notebook from my wife for my birthday which is doing well for everything else i want to write.

    Both books are dot grid, good for writing, tables, maps, whatever.

  2. So who made the first notebook?

    1. The brand is called Agenzio but I think it is owned by the UK chain Paperchase.