Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Upkeep Stuff

I have now entered the 21st Century and joined this twitter thing everybody is talking about. I won't talk about RPGs much but you're welcome to follow my ramblings about law, academia, booze and girls there if you like; this is the place.

Also, I feel like I should update on Yoon-suin, in case anybody is still interested. Work continues apace (i.e. aslowpace, aha ha ha). I've been methodically jotting down ideas as they come to me and writing up some travelogues that I'll put up on the blog at some point. I'm not sure whether to "do a Scott" and just create a wiki, or compile a pdf and release that.

Finally, I notice that the inestimable taichara has decided to put some entries together into a document for release, for which she [I'm pretty sure she's a she; correct me if I'm wrong] should be applauded to the heavens.


  1. "I'm pretty sure she's a she; correct me if I'm wrong"

    *pshaw* There are no girls on the Internet. Never have been. It's all dudes. Place is a total sausagefest. :)

    Taichara: 6'2", rugby player, drinks Guinness, HUGE sideburns.

    More Yoon-suin please. I like Slug Bengal.

  2. @noisms:

    I am indeed a she, yes ;3


    *be back later, dying laughing ~*

  3. @Chris:

    She's not even 5'2", dude. XD

  4. Chris: That can be the tag line. "Yoon-suin: Slug Bengal with magic and opiates."

    taichara: The avatar thingy you have is a strong indicator but one can never tell...

    eliyes: Does she make it to 5'?

    Rach: Come on Rach, you can fess up to being a guy if you want to. :P

  5. I'm in! Your twitters better be good!

  6. I'm still scared of Twitter. I think the name keeps me away.

    By the way, if you didn't check the comments on my DW recruitment post, please do.

  7. I refuse to do Twitter. Lol.

    @Chris- I'm a girl! A tall girl, but a girl none the less. Lol. (5'9", actually...)

  8. @noisms:

    Nope. ;3 She's not a lot under it, mind you.

  9. faustusnotes: Not good, but I can promise that they'll be both frequent and annoying.

    blizack: I fought against it manfully but finally I cracked, mainly due to boredom at work. It's quite fun actually.

    Rae: It gets everyone in the end.

    Eliyes: I suppose that depends on how you define "a lot".

  10. @noisms:

    She's only an inch under. ;3

    WV: "explart" sounds like it should be a sound effect for a really unfortunate magical effect.