Thursday, 18 June 2009

She saw the world and she wanted it all

In a high minaret in one of the largest palaces of the Yellow City sits Xíklí Gá, child of one of the richest of the city's merchants. Grown fat now, and old, she can only move with the aid of her human slaves, who bear her great molluscoid body around on an ebony palanquin. But her ambition knows no bounds. From her vantage point in her palace she can gaze out over the entire city, which she dreams she will one day own.

Xíklí Gá has fingers in many different pies. Organised crime, legitimate trade, gambling, politics and opium dens, she is a powerful player in all of those worlds. Many adventurers and mercenaries find employment in her amorphous organisation - so much so that "taking Xíklí's silver" has become a byword in the slums for turning to the life of a sellsword.

Xíklí Gá

Chaotic 8th Level Slugperson (Mage)

STR - 9
INT - 18
WIS - 17
DEX - 4
CON - 16
CHR - 10

Equipment: The Ring of Li Hiaqiu [Ring of Protection +5], Vinegarroon Claw Amulet [Amulet of Immunity to Poison]

Bodyguards: Four 4th level human fighters. [Sword, spear, shield, scale mail.]


  1. How can one so honour her great corpusculence?

  2. You may have been a good smuggler, but now you're Bantha fodder.

  3. Jabba crossed with Dowager Empress Cixi? Shuddersome.

  4. I wasn't thinking about Jabba at all when I wrote this, but now suddenly I realise he and the Warhammer Slaan are pretty obvious subsconsious influences.