Thursday, 18 June 2009

Weird Fiction Interview; Last Word from China

Back in the land of the living, and more China Mieville. (I'm not a stalker, honest. He's been guest blogger all this week on another blog I occasionally read, so he's looming large in my google reader tray. This will be my last Mievillian post for a while.)

But anyway, there's a good interview here, in which he and Jeff VanderMeer bat various issues back and forth in an entertaining if slightly smart-alecky way. Especially good near the beginning, where he talks about "the Weird" and the sublime - high-falutin' English-literature-undergrad nomenclature aside, it's rather nice. Quote of the interview:

I think a lot of what we admire in Weird Fictioneers is not that they see, but that they make a decent fist of expressing.

We all see weirdness, awe, beauty, the sublime, whatever, in our lives; the talent is in putting it into words. Or, I suppose, pictures.

The whole thing is well worth reading, though, and there are some good comments underneath it, too.

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