Monday, 26 March 2012

Describe and Stat this Monster

This is an aye-aye:

Let's D&D-ify it. Give it some stats, special abilities, a different name, a background, whatever you like. Post in the comments or your own blog. Do it now.


  1. Aye-Aye

    Hit Dice: 2
    Armor Class: 6 [13]
    Attacks: 1 bite (1d3) or snatch (see below)
    Move: 12 (Climb 12) or 30' (Climb 30')

    Aye-ayes are cunning little thieves. They can pick pockets as well as 5th level thieves and surprise opponents on a 1-3 on 1d6, or 1-4 on 1d6 in a wooded area. One aye-aye in 100 has been corrupted by evil jungle gods and gains magic resistance 10% and is only harmed by silver or better weapons. These creatures attempt to snatch people's eyes from their sockets in combat, first engaging them in a grapple (their hands a feet grant a +2 bonus to grapple attacks) and then the next round using their mouths to suck out the eye ball and their teeth to sever the ocular nerve. This requires a normal attack at -3. Once an eye has been stolen, the fiendish aye-aye attempts to make a hasty retreat into the jungle to play with its new toy.

    1. Nice. That eye socket thing is a great touch - makes fighting them genuinely scary.

  2. Night Squirrel; Small Natural Beast

    Initiative: +8 (dark), +3 (twilight), 0 (light)
    Senses: Perception: +8 (dark), 0 (twilight), -5 (light), -10 (bright light);
    Hit Points: 32;
    AC: 13. Fortitude: 12; Reflex: 15; Will: 13;
    Speed: 8 (in trees), 4 (forest ground);
    Climb: 8 (trees, wood), 6 (walls, rock, stone);
    Immunity: Ignores first 45 feet of falling;
    Night Squirrels are never surprised in darkness;
    Ability: After a dash of 10 feet, they can jump up to 10 feet as a
    standard move action.

    Combat: Claw (standard) 1d2 + Bite (see below) 1d3

    Alignment: Unaligned
    Skills: Acrobatics: +3; Athletics: +5; Stealth: +2;
    Str: 8; Dex: 19; Wis: 3; Con: 12; Int: 6; Cha: 7;

    Bite attack: On a natural 20, target will have sleeping problems for the
    next 10+d100 nights. Each night, target makes a will safety
    roll. If target fails, target will have nightmares, causing
    the target to shout and toss around in their sleep, keeping
    nearby sleepers awake. Such a night is equivalent of getting
    only a couple of hours of sleep, and will prevent spellcaster
    from repleshing their spells. If nightmares happen on multiple
    nights in a row, combat is effect the next day: there will be
    a -1 penalty of each roll (-5 on percentile rolls) for each
    night over the first. (So a -1 after 2 nights of nightmares,
    -2 after three nights, etc). Target also makes a fortitude
    roll. If failed, 1d4 night squirrels will spawn from the
    nightmare, attacking anyone on sight. For the entire duration
    of the period, target will be unable to go to sleep unless
    it's pitch dark.

    If someone with the curse described above is bitten with a
    natural 20 again, and he fails the will roll, roll 10+d100.
    Keep the higher of this roll, and the number of nights the
    target still has to go.

    Tactics: Night squirrels typically start the attack by jumping from trees,
    and wailing loudly. After the first one attacks, it takes 1+d6
    rounds for the rest of the group to attack (roll separately for
    each critter). They are not smart enough to cooperate their attacks
    or to prioritize their opponents.

    These little noctural creatures live solitairy, or in small groups (2-8
    adults, seldomly more than 2 kids). They will fearlessly defend their
    territory, even against passerbys and against much larger creatures
    than themselves. These rare, nocturnal critters typically live in high
    lattitude pine forests, and are very nimble and manage to move lightning
    fast up and down trees. Prized for their tails, some people capture them
    alive, but there have been no known succesful attempts of breeding them
    in captivity. Claws, teeth, and some of their organs are used as spell
    components, potion ingredients and as medicin.

    Tail: 50sp - 10gp, depending on size and quality.
    Claw: 30 gp/each, if one can find a buyer.
    Teeth: A full set of teeth can fetch up to 35 gp given the right buyer, but
    care should be taken. The sharp teeth can do their special damage
    up to 5 days after the squirrel has died.
    Organs: 100 gp given a willing buyer. But it takes skill to cure them; the
    organs rot easily and even the slightess contamination by organ
    juices to food or water can make the person eating or drinking it
    violently ill.

    1. Being able to sell monsters' body parts is what D&D is all about. Nice.

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    3. Pick up a Hackmaster lines Hacklopedia of Beasts next time you see one, noisms. You'll enjoy it.