Saturday, 3 March 2012

Old Stuff Day

Everybody else is doing it, and Fridays always seem low on inspiration for me (I also have a raging hangover) so I'll partake in Old Stuff Day, the idea being to highlight old posts on your blog that:

  • You consider special but didn't get the attention they deserved 
  • People liked in the past but haven't seen recently
  • Posts created before the blog received much traffic, and deserve to be reshown
  • And content you're particularly proud of.

Well, here goes:

Planescape Borges and the Library of Babel, from May 2008, is an old favourite that I think was an early indication of the way this blog would evolve, containing a nice mixture of pretentious pseudo-intellectualism, "fantastical" fantasy, and solid creative ideas.

Old Johnny in the Lake, the Crayfish Demigod, again from May 2008. If you don't want to read an entry with that title it's a fair assumption this blog isn't for you.

Beware the Were Stuff, from November 2009, the "Silver Age" of Monsters and Manuals. I just think this is one of my best ideas, and the idea of a were-secretary-bird still makes me chuckle.

Chaos Patrons!, from September 2008. I stole this idea, unashamedly. It's still good though.

How to Describe a Campaign Setting in 25 Words or Less, from March 2009. This was when I was first formulating Yoon-Suin. 

My Top 10 Monsters, from February 2009. This is the first post of mine that ever caught on mimetically, I think. It was a proud moment.

A Slug is as Evolved as You and More Molluscs, from January 2009. I got bored and drew some pictures and put them on the interwebz.

Towards a Theory of Demihumans, from May 2009. One of my solidest ideas. 

Finally, Panthro Says Silly Names Are Silly, from March 2010. I don't often make myself laugh with my writing, but I do find this entry funny.


  1. I remember Old Johnny! That was a good one!

  2. As a new reader, this has come at a perfect time so I don't need to trawl all of your archives and can just see the highlights ;)

  3. There are some real gems here mate, thanks for digging them up!

  4. Crossword clue:

    Gertrude Stein disappointed by lack of lycanthropes