Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Porfiry Petrovich I Hardly Knew Ye

Porfiry Petrovich, a PC in my Cyberpunk 2020 game, died tonight. He was summarily executed at 3am by security men after being an unwilling accomplice in a drive-by shooting which saw a drunken local politician threatening 4 Russian mobsters and 2 of the other PCs from the window of a Porsche which Porfiry was driving after all 8 men had participated in a night of whiskey-fuelled gambling together at a local casino. In a scenario almost literally too complicated to untangle, one of the Russian mobsters was shot by the local politician who was tazed by Porfiry and then beaten to death by the surviving Russians while the other PCs fled into the night, whereupon Porfiry, for reasons far too complicated to go into here, attempted to gun down the other Russian mobsters. Security personnel from the nearby corporate mall delivered the coup de grace by massacring Porfiry and the Russians in the street and asking questions later.

All in all, a good session and a somewhat fitting end: Porfiry's epitaph reads, in his player's own words, "He lived as he died, acting like a tit." Although I think that's a bit harsh - Porfiry was in large part the engine behind what was going on in the game and the leader of the "gang", and his player was resourceful and ingenious.

His next character is a homeless 19-year-old Somali immigrant girl who carries an assault rifle around in a sports bag.

I love gaming.


  1. Damn. I miss playing CP 2020. You're making it worse! Good luck with your new character and go kill a cyberpsycho for me! (or... if you are the cyberpsycho, take out the Gilligans for me. They just creep me out.)

  2. sometimes I wish my players would die more often for all the reasons implied or explicitly stated here

  3. Sounds like CP2020 as it was meant to be played. :D

    I am currently playing in a SRUN game as William S. Blackett, electronics/demo expert and street scumbag (with all the charm of a 2 Personality). Not quite as violent and arbitrary as a good CP game, but entertaining enough.

  4. In a scenario almost literally too complicated to untangle

    I was there as well and I'm having trouble untangling it all. A night at the casino did not unfold how I imagined it might AT ALL.

    I think that's a good thing.

  5. Everyone double-crossed everyone and it all ended in a hail of gunfire?

    Yer doin' it right.

  6. I have no constructive comment. But this made me laugh and laugh and laugh. Please encourage your players to keep playing like that.

  7. They need no encouragement from me whatsoever! Last night was like watching a car crash unfold before my very eyes in a highly entertaining fashion. It's like that most weeks actually.