Monday 15 June 2015

A Setting on a Page

My old laptop went to the great PC World in the sky a few months ago - literally about a day after uploading the PDF for Yoon-Suin to drive-thru RPG, as fate would have it - and I've just discovered an old flash drive on which (some) of the contents were stored. Here's something I was apparently working on back in around 2007: a page of notes which I can't even remember writing down and which never amounted to anything. It's almost, but not quite, a setting on a page. There's something refreshingly old fashioned about it, I think,

County of Leon

Ruled by: * * - Count of Leon (Liege: Duke of Brittany)
Vassals: Baron of Morlaix, Baron of Douarnenez, Baron of Plogonnec
Military: 15 Heavy Cavalry (Knights), 50 Light Cavalry, 50 Heavy Infantry, 100 Medium Infantry, 50 Archers.

Major Towns


Population: 800
Major Industries: Fishing, trade
Personages: Count of Leon and family. Ibn Al-Aziz - An Ogre Magi from the Sheikhdom of Catalyud, now a powerful merchant who owns five vessels, with lots of 'shady' contacts. A wizard living in a lighthouse on the edge of town - advisor to the Count and ambiguous ally. Juliette de Nevers, a dwarfess sage, researching in the old library - secretly a spy? Circle of druids - headquarters somewhere in the forest, occasionally come to Brest.


            Wizards Tower - lighthouse, on the rocks on the outside of Brest
            Ibn's Mansion - also on the outside of town, but on the inland side.
            The Castle - where the Count calls home.
            Old Monastery - housing a library
            Smuggler's Caves -  ancient cave system, now abandoned - except for monsters - and the smugglers' hoard?
            Meriadoc's Tomb - burial place of the semi-mythic founder of Brittany, watched over by an order of clerics.
            Conomor's Tomb - burial place of an ancient king, now haunted.
            Tower of Erispoe - once owned by a now extinct noble line, reknowned for the eccentricity.
            Giant's Cave - not apparently inhabited by a giant, but a clan of ogres.
            Oessant - island, uninhabited but excellent shelter for raiders
            Witch's Hovel - home of an enchantress.
            Castle of Mauclerc - ruined castle, magic treasure inside?

            Adventure Hooks

·       One of Ibn's ships has gone missing and he's certain it's the wreckers in Plogoff, who have caused him trouble before.
·       Juliette de Fevers wants bodyguards to visit the witch with her.
·       A band of gnolls are causing trouble around Morlaix.
·       Pirates spotted around Oessant.
·       Druids concerned about a troll.
                        Skeleton warriors around Conomor's Tomb.        


  1. Ah, Brittany ... The dukedom who had not one but four dukes named Conan :)

  2. This is pretty nice and has pretty much got me started on my pseudo-French cyclops project. I hope you don't mind, but I took up Zak S' suggestion about building on Leon a little bit. Here's a link to the little extra bits I added in case anyone is still playing around with the idea: