Thursday, 5 May 2016

The Peridot, Issue #1 - Spring 2016: Launched!

I have made a 'zine. It is called The Peridot. Issue #1 is out NOW. Click this link to BUY IT  in PDF.

Contents of Issue #1 (80 pages total) include:

  • A complete new Ancient Mesopotamian starter campaign setting with 30+ keyed hexes, new monsters and NPCs. Battle bulrush demons and scorpion-men, explore a thronged wilderness, forge your destiny in a world still young...
  • A grab-bag of interesting new monsters, NPCs, and magic items, including Heron Men, the Old Comrades, and the Weeping Woodwose
  • A collection of scenarios to "plug in and play" to your campaign, including the Bone Miller, the Ichthyosaur's Pool, and Pan Chun Mei and Her Wraith Ravens
  • New art and fiction
  • Purple prose

The print version will be announced shortly - I expect within a week's time. In the mean time.... BUY IT.


  1. I was linked directly to the PayHip page from G+, and it doesn't say explicitly that it is a PDF. It says at the very bottom "you will get a PDF (5MB) file". I almost got all the way through checkout before I noticed there was no shipping cost from the UK. I think it's a bit confusing, and it would be clearer if at the top it said "Peridot #1 (PDF)". My assumption up until visiting this page was that it was a print copy that would come with a PDF as well.

    As for ordering it, I'm interested in the physical release, so I think I'll wait a couple days for that, unless you're planning on deducting the PDF cost from the cost of the physical when it comes out- although I expect it'll be less of a headache for everyone if I just wait for the physical announcement.

    In any case, it looks very cool!

    1. Thanks Jess. I've made it a bit clearer.

  2. Give me a physical copy. I want to taste the ichthyosaur.

    1. Just waiting for the test run to arrive from lulu. Barring force majeure it should all be good to go in a week.

  3. Give me a physical copy. I want to taste the ichthyosaur.