Sunday, 26 October 2008

Inspirational Pictures (II)

Some more photos to spark the imagination.

Scenery surrounding the site of the massacre at Glen Coe. (I have a special interest in that event, as it was some of my ancestors who perpetrated it.) The view just screams Tolkienesque fantasy to me - empty, barren and wild.

The Standing Stones of Stenness in the Orkney Isles. Clearly a portal to another world.

A scene from Matsushima in North-Eastern Japan, near my wife's home town. Who are those people in that boat, and what are they doing? Are they smugglers? Assassins disposing of a body? Wanted men looking for somewhere to hide?


  1. Perhaps it's just some local fisherman out for a pleasure cruise at night... through... eel-infested waters.[/Vizzini]
    (Yum, Unagi.)

  2. Where's the adventure in that? :p

  3. Your wife is from まつしま? Mine's from down Aichi-way, which is rather less scenic. Visited Matsushima for the first time last month, and it's pretty amazing. Plenty of adventure ideas in an archipelago of tiny islands, some joined by bridges, some with temples...

    How about an archipelago of tiny, Matsushima-type islands, where the bridges have one true way to the magic doofus on the furtherest one but it's a maze and each island has it's own challenge, mostly character or puzzle games - the whole things is a test by a king or wizard, or the only way to see the god-emperor? The boat can be the homicidal cat demons who are tasked with making sure no-one cheats by swimming or sailing.

    Or am I just up too late again...?

  4. Pukako: She's from a place called Kesennuma, which is just up the coast from Matsushima - about an hour or two's drive.

    I love the island hopping/puzzle/guardians idea. You could have lots of riddles of the 'which one of the sentinels is lying' variety.