Tuesday, 30 December 2008

In which I provide a series of links to items of interest on the world wide web

  • Shameless plug: I've started a new blog for my more academically related articles. If you're interested in international law, or just want to read the pseudo-intellectual ramblings of a legalistic twit, take a look. It's called Anti-ideoligism and there's a grand total of one entry so far.
  • Amityville Mike has created huge, FREE blank hex maps for you to download and use. What a star.
  • Eye Candy for Bibliophiles is one of the best picture-based blogs on the web. Dozens of classic fantasy book covers, many of them first editions, all of them beautiful, every single day. Subscribe to it at once.
  • There is proof of a kind that WotC missed a trick in getting rid of gnomes, and should have chucked half-elves instead.

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