Thursday 12 March 2009

Never Turn Your Back on a Drug

Poppies are smoked, drunk, chewed, snorted and otherwise imbibed throughout the Hundred Kingdoms, and each city has its own signature variety. Here is a means of randomly generating a poppy breed through determining the colour, type, means of injestion, effects, addictiveness, and cost. 


Roll a d8 to determine the poppy's colour: 

1 - Blue
2 - Red
3 - Purple
4 - Yellow
5 - Brown
6 - Green
7 - Black
8 - White


Roll a d4 to determine the type of drug which the poppy can be used to produce:

1 - The poppy is a Depressant, i.e. one which diminishes sensation.
2 - The poppy is a Stimulant, i.e. one which increases alertness or awareness.
3 - The poppy is a Hallucinagen, i.e. one which causes hallucinations.
4 - The poppy is a Nootropic, i.e. one which enhances the functioning of the brain.

Means of Ingestion

Roll a d6 to determine the primary means of ingestion:

1 - The poppy is crushed and then made into tea.
2 - The poppy is crushed and then smoked in a pipe.
3 - The poppy is crumbled, wrapped in paper, and smoked like a cigarette.
4 - The poppy is crushed and snorted.
5 - The poppy is crushed, mixed with the blood of an animal, made into tablets, and swallowed.
6 - The poppy is crushed, mixed with the blood of an animal, then taken into the bloodsteam by smearing it on the sting of a Giant Bee and jabbing the sting into a vein.


Roll a d4 to determine the specific effects:

For Depressants:

1 - The poppy deadens fear. The character gains immunity to all forms of fear, spook and similar for 1d12 hours.
2 - The poppy deadens pain. The character may keep fighting even when reduced to 0 hit points or lower, to a maximum of -9, whereupon he or she dies instantly. The effects last for 1d12 hours.
3 - The poppy deadens the mind, and prevents the effects of illusions and other mind-affecting magic for 1d12 hours.
4 -  The poppy lowers the blood flow and slows the spread of poison. Equivalent to a slow poison spell. Lasts for 1d12 hours.

For Stimulants:

1 - The poppy prevents sleep. The character can stay awake for one night and the next day without suffering ill-effects, but must save vs. poison the following night or collapse from exhaustion for 12 hours.
2 - The poppy stimulates the senses. The character can hear noise and detect traps as per the relevant thief skills at 40% for d12 hours. Thieves gain a +20% bonus to those skills for the same period.
3 - The poppy boosts energy. The character gains +1 to hit rolls and +1 to damage rolls for d6 hours.
4 - The poppy boosts the body's natural healing. Hit points are gained at twice the normal rate for the following 2 days.

For Hallucinagens:

Roll on the hallucinagen subtable found here; effects last for 1d12 hours.

For Nootropics:

1 - The poppy boosts memory. One additional Level 1 spell may be memorised by spellcasters for one day. 
2 - The poppy boosts human perception. The character has a 25% of automatically knowing alignment of everybody he meets for d6 hours.
3 - The poppy boosts judgement. The character has a 25% of automatically detecting lies for d6 hours.
4 - The poppy improves concentration. Missile attacks and spells requiring a 'to hit' roll are at +1 to hit for the next d12 hours.


Addictiveness is a function of potency. Roll a d20 to determine potency. There is a flat 20% of addiction on first taking a dose of a poppy, + potency score. (Thus, there is a 34% chance of becoming addicted to a poppy with a potency of 14.) On a successful save vs. poison, this is halved. The second time a dose of the poppy is taken 10% is added to the chance of addiction, and for every additional dose thereafter. 

An addicted character must have a dose of the poppy every day from that point on, or suffer -2 to all stats that day, and -2 cumulatively for each day thereafter. If any stat reaches 0, the character dies. After 2d6 days, if the character is still alive, the addiction breaks.


Cost per dosage is generally 1 silver piece per point of potency.

Disclaimer: Don't do drugs, kids. They'll rob you of your ambition. 


  1. Noism, I was wondering if I could talk to you on email regarding this table, planetalgolATgmailDOTcom

    The Yoon-Suin stuff is great!

  2. Howdy. Found this post whilst researching drug effects in dnd. Plan to make good use of it for my campaign (with a few alterations). If you'd like I can toss you a finished copy of the relevant table(s) I'm using it with. Good work in any event. :)!

    1. Hello, Anyonymous. Would love to see a copy, if you see this comment. I didn't, until today... The notification got buried somewhere.

  3. Noisms, using this in my Zharillia campaign, on the first level of Thrumizud, the campaign's main dungeon; it's perfect.

    Changed the poppies to mushrooms - ants underground don't plant flowers very well... :D

    I'm almost done with the writeup, can you shoot me your email so I can get it to you? I'm releasing it as a free (as in speech and as in beer) supplement that people can use, but I don't want to release until you've vetted your work that appears in it.

    roger.burgess.iii at gmale dawt calm.

    1. Excellent, thanks. I've sent you an email.