Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Sleepy Bestiary

The world and its wife is blogging about WotC stopping pdf downloads. Meanwhile, I woke up all of a sudden at 5.30 this morning, and jotted down this list of monsters for a Yoon-suin bestiary in an old note pad. My brain was stilll clearly in a weird fuzzy mixture of dream and wakefulness, as evinced by this transcript of what I wrote down:

Freshwater giant octopus - green and long tentacles
Gargantuan river dolphin - not extinct
Giant crayfish
Crystal & Topaz Dragons, no red ones
Roc? Boring
Garuda - like the ones in Bali
Velvet worms - many kinds
Mantis, centipede, millipede, crickets
Squid people
Devils and Demons
Undead Crabmen !!
Zombie slimy things
Myconids, baby
Those ant-eater things
Elephant-sized beetles for riding into war.

Thought: make orcs, goblins etc. into invertebrate humanoids. For example, Yoon-suin orcs are humanoid millipedes (etc.).


  1. Now that's a bestiary I'd download and use!

    wv - psiviseu: intelligent spiny aquatic worm with refined manners and a taste for mouldy cheese.

  2. "Those anteater things" made me laugh.

  3. Those ant-eater things

    Please tell me you're talking about pangolins.

  4. @blizack:

    Please tell me you're talking about pangolins.

    Might also mean aardvark ...?

  5. What in the heck are Nasnas?

  6. I can visualise crabmen but not squid people. I cannot conjure an image of a squid chap to save my life. Help me out.

  7. Squidward Tentacles. Crappy clarinet playing squidperson. Awesome.

  8. Good stuff.

    You just confirmed one of my ideas with one of yours.
    Good thinking! :D
    * Nosses: plur. The title given to community facilitators in an Anarchist enclave.

    "Not-bosses, 'Nosses'."

  9. @Kent: http://www.starslip.com/archive/20061227.shtml

    Squid dude! With a monocle, no less.

  10. @Allandaros: Ha! So simple after all.

  11. Goddamn. Yes. Gem freakin' Dragons. Best setting ever.

    V-word: Potscepo
    Definition: Of slavic origin, a ceremonial rowboat constructed of iron.

  12. Mothman's: Something like it will be downloadable. Eventually!

    Mthomas768: Me too, because I have no idea what I meant. I have a feeling it's actually suppose to read 'ant-centaur', rather than 'ant-eater'. I have terrible handwriting.

    Blizack: See above!

    taichara: See above!

    Edsan: A creature from the Arabian Nights. See post here.

    Kent: Take a look at these pictures. They're not very good but they may help.

    Mike D.: Eh?

  13. Noisms, a glimpse deep into your unconscious there in those sketches. I would be slow to shake hands with any of those fellows.

  14. The Balinese vision of Garuda is amazing, thanks for sending me looking for that.

    I had a thought yesterday (I know, first time for everything, right?): what if instead of rocs there were enormous airborn rays and/or skates? With feathers or not, as you like.