Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Moth Ghosts of Muroran

Inhabiting large, spherical nests of silk which float through the crepscular space of Muroran, are a race of undead giant moths. The bulbous bodies of these creatures are twice the size of a man and their broad, heavy wings are yards across; they flap through the murky air searching for living prey, from which they suck the very soul.

The tongue of a Moth Ghost is several yards long and it is tightly coiled beneath its head. Once prey is found the tongue uncoils and hangs down beneath the body; the Moth Ghost then aims to hover above its victim and touch it with its tongue. As soon as this is accomplished the Moth Ghost can devour the life force of the unfortunate.

Moth Ghosts have no society or culture and pursue sustenance with mindless resolution. They appear to be able to sense body heat, and warm blooded travellers in the depths of Muroran will sometimes be pursued by dozens of the things, as sharks will flock to a source of blood.

Moth Ghost of Muroran

Armour Class: 4
Hit Dice: 4+4**
Move: Flying 240' (80')
Attacks: 1 touch / 1 wing buffet
Damage: None (energy drain of 1 level) / 1d8
No. App: 1-30
Save As: F4
Morale : 8
Treasure: Nil
Intelligence: 1
Alignment: Neutral
XP Value : 275

Special: Moth Ghosts are immune to sleep, charm and hold spells; they can only be hurt by silver or magical weapons.


  1. OK, I have to hear the inspiration for these guys. Somehow, I am picturing a window sill covered in dead, crusty moths being involved somehow.

  2. See, this makes me nervous,

    You dream up all this crazy level-draining ethereal lunacy and meanwhile your PCs are down in a mine fighting skaven.

    I keep wondering when the 8-bladed-multi-generational-curse-bestowing-Astral-plane-travelling axe is going to fall.

  3. Brunomac: Actually it just came to me as I was walking home from the train station. Don't know where from.

    Squidman: Thanks!

    Zak: It's called bait and switch, my friend, bait and switch...

  4. Reminds me of the Slake Moth from Perdido Street Station, which mean I must *yoink* it...