Thursday, 8 April 2010

Can you spell 'spell'?

Being away from writing blog entries has had the corollary that I haven't done much blog reading recently, either. Apologies to everyone for not commenting on anything ever (as if I commented much anyway) and not updating my blog roll.

Apparently I also missed some sort of big internet OSR controversy of some kind. It's times like this that I really am glad the whole OSR thing has kind of left me behind.

Anyway, some forge spells:

P-cht-then's Ghostly Vigour (Level 4)
Range: Touch
Duration: 10 minutes/level
Effect: Temporary non-corporeality

This spell allows the target to take on a ghostly, noncorporeal form, allowing him to pass through walls and ceilings, levitate upwards and downwards, and see invisible. However, while in this form he cannot affect anything in the physical world; this includes the wearing or carrying of any clothes or items. He can be seen as a vague, translucent representation of his physical self, but he cannot be heard or communicate beyond gesture. While affected by the Ghostly Vigor he can be hit and wounded only by magical or silver weapons, or by undead beings.

Lucid Discovery (Level 1)
Range: Self
Duration: Instantaneous/6 hours
Effect: The caster discovers something while sleeping

This spell must be cast just before the caster goes to sleep. While dreaming, he can discover one of three things: 1) The qualities of a magical item in his possession; 2) The abilities of a known magical creature within 10 miles; 3) The location of a named person within 50 miles.

Moon Silencer (Level 3)
Range: 60'
Duration: 1 round/level
Effect: Temporarily cures lycanthropy

This spell will only effect a werewolf or other lycanthrope during the night, when the creature is in animal form. For the duration of the spell the creature returns to human form and regains its original alignment, personality, and memories.

Silt Pool (Level 1)
Range: 60'
Duration: 2d6 turns
Effect: Creates a pool of silt to slow and block movement

This spell allows the caster to bring into being an area of thick wet sand, up to 40'x40' in size. Any creature trying to pass through this sand can only move at a quarter of its usual rate and must make a saving throw vs. paralysis each turn or else become completely stuck.

Washan's Secret Kiss (Level 2)
Range: 240'
Duration: 1 day to 1 month
Effect: Causes the target to fall in love with the caster

This spell can only be cast when the target is sleeping. If he is a light sleeper, he may feel a light kiss on his cheek and remember it as a dream, but in fact it is the spell taking its effect; when he wakes, he will be profoundly in love with the caster. The spell will only take effect if the target has already met the caster; however, it is not necessary for the target to be in the caster's line of sight - only his location must be known.


  1. Damn, where was Washan's Secret Kiss when I was 17?

  2. Oh you ain't getting out that easily, you're a known associate.

  3. The Forge creature generator makes names that sound like Cocteau Twins songs.

  4. Lucid Discovery is one of the best spells I've read in a while.
    Wish I had thought of that myself so I could put it in the spells supplement i'm working at...

    Care to licence it somehow? ;)

  5. Daddy Grognard: When I was 17 I was more interested in Washan's Touching Breasts spell.

    Zak: Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.

    faustusnotes: I was thinking Tangerine Dream.

    Tsojcanth: I charge 500,000 pounds sterling per spell.

  6. Lucid Discovery rocks! Describing things via dreamworld interpretation is just the kind of thing that gets me excited to DM.

  7. It seems like you can't even look at the OSR sideways without someone getting butthurt.

    I can't figure out how all these flannel-wearing, black sabbath, gnarly dudes got so sensitive.

    I love S&W and LL, but I wish people would lighten up.

  8. It's times like this that I really am glad the whole OSR thing has kind of left me behind.

    You and me both.

  9. Lucid discover is amazing.