Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Arch-Mage Tower Generator and Yoon-Suin Update

Enough with the politics. Here's a table from the Yoon-Suin Gazetteer. This is what's consumed much of my summer: formatting tables like this. About 250 pages of them. I am to all intents and purposes finished, but I need to put the art into its various placeholders. I don't anticipate this will take very long, but I've learned a dark secret during the course of this project, and it's as follows: everything to do with layout is a massive faff, and while that is something you expect, you can never expect the level of faffing around that will be required in practice. So I expect a whole host of unexpected problems to suddenly unearth themselves in the course of this final furlong.


  1. That and any mistake you make in the beginning will hound you until you finish (or start over). : ) Hard life lessons of layout.

  2. I think that's just the right amount of detail to improv something. Nice job.

  3. Ooops - there is something missing at the end of the table...

    1. Yeah, I noticed. This is exactly what I'm talking about...