Friday, 29 September 2017

10 Yoon-Suin Dungeon Ideas

Dwarf fortress infested with Tulpas.

Secret crystal dragon treasure stash guarded by enchanted beasts (shishi, chinthe, etc.)

Observatory taken over by its automata caretakers.

Mine whose slaves have uncovered ancient magicks transforming them into ab-humans.

Great forge on the coast which uses sea water for cooling: it has created steam devils as a side effect and they have killed the owners.

Tomb of an ogre-mage trader on the back of a wandering giant tortoise.

Maze built by fakirs out of giant butterfly wings as a meditation aid to walk through 'mindfully'.

Major rakhosh's dwelling place: on the underside of a giant waterlilly leaf in a vast lake.

Quarry originally used for making statues; galeb duhr have been disturbed and they now use the quarry to store 'statues' of their own in the form of corpses.

Inverted pyramid home of an archmage which balances on a mountain peak which rises through the middle of a glacier.


  1. id had pdf for a while and got real thing, alsp peridot - loved the iraqi history setting stuff...good for blood and bronze rpg too

  2. I think you owe me, 0.1%, an apology.

    1. I think you need to live your own life and stop obsessing bitterly about the lives of others.

    2. One thing I know for sure is that I need advice on how to live my life, and in this modern age I need to acquire such wisdom from thinkers over the internet in particular. If you can spare a moment, might you suggest some drifts or foci for the mind of a diligent pupil, principles, aphorisms, a kindness or two.

    3. You're being sarcastic to hide your general unhappiness. Get off the internet and go for a walk. Join a club. Play some RPGs. Stop acting like being court jester in a tiny niche of a tiny niche hobby has any value to it whatsoever.

  3. I may have to use some of these... thanks!


  4. I'm digging these. The Observatory in particular. I wrote (but have yet to run) a short adventure involving a Slug-Man Observatory in the Topaz Isles which is half-flooded and becomes a kind of weird, vertical dungeon-crawl full of half-slug, half-alien horrors. I imagine the Slug-Men have all sorts of connections that the lower classes can only speculate on...