Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Naacal Dancers in the Dreams of Ice

Groups of Naacals came to the Dreams of Ice long ago in order to dance. There, with no music to disturb the purity of their movements except the breath of the wind and the crunching and creaking of the ice and snow; with nothing to influence their thoughts or feelings except vistas of endless white; and with the extremity of the cold forcing them to put themselves through ever-greater exertions in the name of their art, they believed that they could ascend to pinnacles of physical expression higher than they could possibly climb in the Unremembered City.

Whether any of them have achieved this is a matter of opinion. Over the eons each group has, in its isolation, been through schism, revolution, counter-revolution, renaissance, evolution, regression, and return-to-roots, each on many occasions, and has developed innumerable eccentricities and formalities as a result. Over time the obsessions of these groups of Naacal dancers have come to define them, and they now typically no longer dance for enjoyment or even to hone their skills, but rather because they remember how to do almost nothing else.

Group Composition
Current Dancing Style
Solitary – a single Acrobat (1d6+3 levels) and d3 random servitors
Jerking, frenzied and arrhythmic
Currently in schism (divided into two camps)
Utter stillness punctuated by sudden flamboyant motions
Gradually starving due to servitors malfunctioning
Small – 1d6 Acrobats, 1d3 Decadents, 1d3 Sorcerers (all 1d3+1 levels, with a 1d6+2 level leader), and 2d6 random servitors
Ballet-like leaps and throws
Fierce conflict with another nearby dance group over a theoretical dispute
Uniform and rhythmical, with each dancer performing in carefully choreographed synchronicity
Disturbed by nearby singing dogs who destroy their perfect silence each dawn and dusk
Medium – 2d6 Acrobats, 1d6 Decadents, 1d6 Sorcerers (all 1d3+1 levels, with a 1d6+4 level leader), and 2d6 random servitors
Slow, graceful, elegant
Targeted by a band of cannibalistic hunting Figments
Primitivist, incorporating animal cries, copulation, and excretion
Feel that they have lost their ability, and that their movements have become trite and ugly
Large – 3d6 Acrobats, 1d6+3 Decadents, 1d6+3 Sorcerers (all 1d3+1 levels, with a 1d6+4 level leader), and 4d6 random servitors
Ground-based rolling, writhing and wriggling
Targeted by nearby monstrous Figments
Individualistic: each member performs one of the above
Are studying a nearby Figment village to learn new “naturalistic” dance techniques

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