Wednesday, 27 January 2021

[Yoon Suin 2nd Edition] Aphid Man

The 2nd edition of Yoon-Suin will soon be upon us. Flee in terror before its 12 adventure sites, many extra appendices, plethora of random encounter tables (finally!), new maps (by Tom Fitzgerland) and entirely revamped art (by Matt Adams), and its new monsters, like this one:

Aphid Man

A race of humanoids with spongy green, yellow, black or red flesh and the ability to propagate explosively. They are unintelligent, uncultured, and uninterested in anything except eating and birthing; left to their own devices, they will impoverish vast regions with their insatiable appetites. 

HD 1-1, AC 8, #ATT 1, DMG 1d6 (bite), Move 120, ML 7, Save as F1, TT None 

*Green aphid-men can squirt sticky sap at a single attacker within 12', hitting automatically and slowing it for 2d6 rounds; yellow aphid-men produce a foul-smelling oil on their skin which stings the eyes, meaning melee attackers suffer a -2 penalty to ‘to hit’ rolls; black aphid-men can suicidally explode, spraying a noxious fluid over an area 6’ in diameter identical to a stinking cloud; red aphid-men excrete a waxy fluff on their skin which permanently coats non-magical hand weapons and renders them blunt and unusable on a successful hit (though that hit still does damage). 

Usually encountered in groups of 20-200. One female can produce a precise copy of herself at any given moment, once a month; that copy is born pregnant with another copy inside her, which can be birthed after a week. 


  1. Can’t wait for this. But all will depend on the shipping fees.

  2. I like this art style which allows the viewer some room to imagine. As a player I would be shouting 'snap those twig legs, quick' and would expect the DM to be sympathetic.

  3. Next, the giant ants that predate upon them. Or the ones that herd, protect and 'milk' them. The immense ladybugs, like bulldozers, plowing through and gobbling them up.

  4. Really stoked. First one has been my most used supplement ever I think .

  5. Oh heck yeah! I am currently designing an adventure in Yoon-Suin and just love everything about this setting. I personally love the art in the original book, but am excited for the new material, as well!

  6. I cannot wait to see this second edition. Take all the time you need to get it right, of course. Just wanted to stop by and cheer you on.