Tuesday, 22 June 2021

The Gallery of 3 Mile Tree Art

Telling somebody about your campaign is like telling somebody about a dream. With the best will in the world, their interest will at best be polite. Is showing them art from your campaign any different? Perhaps not...but it's my blog, god damn it, and I'll do what I want with it.

Laren Dar's robe (now worn by Pupli Agnli, himself recently deceased). It was stolen from an Etruscan magic-user who was slain by a magic missile. Note magic missile-sized hole. The Etruscan writing is genuine.

Another iteration of the above.

A portrait of Laren Dar, sent by the excellent Grand Commodore. Note soldier-ant wooden helmet and falcon-feather cloak.

The original Etruscan garment, which will, it seems likely, be adopted as a mantle by successive maru of the worshipers of the Etruscan god Nortia. 

A headdress which permits the reading of any language. It has peacock feathers. Its origin is unknown.

A jade short-sword given by the methusulan faerie Thuac-Ten to the party on the occasion of his death, to help them in defeating the evil lord Djem-Thut.

Part of the map of level 1 of the inside of the tree trunk. This was about 5 sessions ago. They've revealed quite a bit more since.

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