Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Art Contest Prize Announcement

A few months ago I launched an art competition, the requirement for which was to draw a colour picture of Laren Dar, a PC from my weekly game, described as:

An Etruscan fighting man wielding a magical Thracian axe and shield, wearing a wooden helmet shaped like a soldier-ant's head, a wooden breastplate decorated with soldier ant pictographs, a red silk surcoat covered in strange Etruscan lettering in gold, and a cloak made out of falcon feathers.  

It had been my intention to announce a winner, but I find it very hard to pick between these two, so I have decided they are joint winners. Both will get a copy of the first level of the 'megadungeon inside a giant tree' game I am running (as soon as I've got it typed up and vaguely usable!). 

The first is by Alexander Dzuricky (https://knightattheopera.blogspot.com/):

And the second is by Marc Caldwell (@scavengine on instagram):

I was really impressed with the quality of these pics. I was expecting stick-men at best. Thanks to everybody who took part, and congratulations to the winners!

As a bittersweet postscript, Laren Dar was killed by a jumping-spider elf just a few short weeks after the competition was launched. He now resides in a sarcophagus in the PCs' ever-growing cemetery at the back of their garden. 


  1. Yes! I'm very flattered, and I love the other winner. That helmet is such a clever design.

    Laren Dar was too special and outrageous for this gritty old school world.

  2. I often think that one marker of a blog’s value is if people are drawn to contribute their own content to it. The high-quality art on display here is a clear example of that