Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Lucas the Loved

Apropos of this post, and also this, I've dreamed up an NPC character.

Lucas the Loved

Lucas the Loved was once known as Lucas the Lover - the scourge of many a married woman's bed. With thick long hair, dark smouldering eyes and a dangerous smile, he was renowned all through the hills and valleys of Gavrost as the Lady Killer to end all Lady Killers.

Until he took a walk in the forest one day, and disappeared.

He came back two years later a very different man. He claims that a dryad took him in the forest and kept him as her lover and slave, only to release him once he had outlived his interest - though others suspect he was punished by the spirits for his wicked ways. Perhaps both are true. Whatever the truth is, where once he was a smooth-talking charmer he is now a bleary-eyed dreamer; where once his smile was quick and seductive it is now rare and mournful; and where once his eyes flicked from woman to woman across a crowded room they now gaze up at the stars or into the trees of the forest with indescribable longing. He keeps himself to himself these days, wandering in the forest and hoping to meet his sylvan mistress again, but when he is in his cups he can sometimes be tempted to tell the story of the dryad in the woods and how much he loves her, and how if only she would take him back his broken soul would be mended.

Lucas the Loved

Level 3 Human Bard, Chaotic Neutral

STR: 13
INT: 14
WIS: 9
DEX: 12
CON: 13
CHR: 16

Lucas is usually unarmed except for a short bow and knife. He has all the abilities of a 3rd level Bard, and can still sometimes be heard singing in his light, alto tones - although the songs he sings these days are only ever in a minor key.

He has wandered far and wide in the forests of Gavrost searching for his mistress, so he knows the woodland better than any other. If he can be persuaded out of his melancholy for a time, he is a very useful contact for anybody traveling through the area.

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  1. This poor guy would fit in perfectly in the campaigns my wife and I run for each other.

    - Brian