Monday, 30 June 2008

A Gauntlet Has Been Laid Down

So Max, of Malevolent and Benign fame, has gone and given the bee-hive a good kick.

"Tell you what, noisms," he says, "If you work on an Oz sourcebook (or whatever you see fit) [for one of the retro-clone systems] perhaps I'll put together
some notes for Dark Hollow, my own folkways heartbreaker based on Appalachian Werd setting based on tall tales, bilues and old time ballads, and Manly Wade Wellman."

Well, I'm not one to turn down a challenge, so I hereby state that I will go ahead and do just that. Within an indefinite period of time, there will be a new Labyrinth Lord Australian-Aborigines-and-Cthulu-Mythos-sourcebook out there on teh internets for your perusal, enjoyment, and/or derision. This is, I believe, what is known as putting one's money where one's mouth is - rather than just ranting about unimaginative old-schoolers from the sidelines.

But let's not let my readership off the hook. If I'm going to do this, I want to do it properly, and in order to do so I'm going to want people to read through, playtest, and offer advice on what I come up with. Even better than that, if we're talking pipe-dreams, I'd love to have some budding artists, layout people and computer-nerds to give the thing the veneer of professionalism, and turn it into something that people are really going to want to read and play. In other words: collaborators. What do you say, talented people of the role playing blogosphere?


  1. I solemnly promise to proofread any sourcebook I make public better than I did that comment. Yeesh, talk about the "bilues," I got 'em.

    Regarding artwork, I'm in the lucky position of being able to draw from public domain sources such as this. I wonder if there is anything similar from Australia?

  2. Looking forward to this! I've been hoping that someone would take LL or other retro-clones and create something that goes beyond the nostalgia.

    If you need proofing, testing or web work let me know.

  3. Max: There could well be something I can use. I'm searching...

    Proton Mule: Thanks!

  4. I can draw a bit. I usually just do random character sketches, but it'd do me some good to push myself a little beyond that. I'd like to help out, somehow, because this project sounds really cool.

    I might be able to do some playtesting, too, if I can convince my group to learn Labyrinth Lord.

  5. Odyssey: Good! I'm getting starting with the writing of the thing as we speak.

  6. I already play LL, so I'd be up for some playtesting if you're in need after the first draft is completed (or whatever the case may be).


  7. That would be great, Matthew. It could be a month or two before anything is there to be playtested, though.