Monday, 23 June 2008

Elf Variants: II

I'll be editing the Curupira entry below to deal with some questions that cropped up, but let's push on and get another Elf variant out there into internet land. This time it's the Basque Faerie, the Basajaun.

Elf (Basajaun)

The Basajaunak inhabit hill and mountain heaths and forests. The most ancient of all peoples, they believe that they sprung from the earth itself, after it was struck by lightning. Legend has it that it was they who taught humankind the secret of farming, and they who taught the dwarves how to burrow and toil for silver. They see themselves as the older brothers of the other races, and try to help them when they can.

A Basajaun is taller and stronger than a human, with long, powerful arms and legs. Their men grow thick red beards, and their women wear their red hair long and loose. They live in small clan-groups of less than 100 - but each band is in contact with all the other bands in a wide area, allowing them to group together for mutual assistance in times of need.

They prize the simple life above all else: To them there is nothing of greater importance than freedom from care. Herding sheep, lying in beds of heather on warm summer days, and feeling the first autumn rain and wind on one's face; these are worth more than any treasure for a Basajaun. And yet their fraternal instinct towards their human, dwarf and halfling charges continually causes them to involve themselves in the world's affairs. This involvement can be as little as warning human shepherds about coming storms, or as much as joining together with local dwarves to fight off a goblin invasion.

Basajaunak identify most strongly with three animals: the wolf, the bear, and above all the lynx. These creatures share their rugged home, and are looked upon as kindred; Basajaunak cooperate with such beasts when hunting, and band together with them for mutual defence.

Basajaunak are powerful fighters, though they prefer to solve conflict through diplomacy. Their magic is simple, functional, and rarely used.

Elf (Basajaun)

Prime Requisite: Strength and Wisdom.
Other Requirements: Strength and Wisdom of 9 or greater.
Experience Bonus: 5% for a Strength and Wisdom of greater than 13; 10% for a Strength and Wisdom of greater than 15.
Hit Dice: d8 per level up to 12th level.
Maximum Level: 12
Armour: All armour and shields are permitted.
Weapons: All weapons permitted.
Special Abilities: Basajaunak have infravision to 120'. They begin the game with the standard Fighter abilities (Lance Attack and Set Spear vs. Charge at 1st level; Fighter Combat Options at 660,000 XP), and also with the ability to Speak With Bears, Wolves and Lynx at will.
Experience Levels: Basajaunak use the Dwarf experience table for purposes of advancement.
Saving Throws: Basajaunak use the Halfling saving throw table.

Elf (Basajaun) Spell List

Basajaunak prepare spells through meditation in a similar manner to druids and clerics. They gain spells as they advance in levels according to the Cleric spell/level table; however, beyond 8th level they gain no new spells (and thus cannot cast spells of higher than 4th level).

Level 1
-Detect Danger (D1)
-Remove Fear (C1)
-Sleep (M1)
-Shield (M1)
-Detect Evil (C1)
-Resist Cold (C1)

Level 2
-Resist Fire (C2)
-Speak With Animal (C2)
-Know Alignment (C2)
-Hold Person (C2)
-Produce Fire (D2)
-Knock (M2)

Level 3
-Call Lightning (D3)
-Growth of Animal (C3)
-Cure Blindness (C3)
-Cure Disease (C3)
-Protection From Evil, 10' Radius (M3)
-Haste (M3)

Level 4
-Charm Monster (M4)
-Summon Animals (D4)
-Speak With Plants (C4)
-Sticks to Snakes (C4)
-Confusion (M4)
-Ice Storm/Wall of Ice (M4)


  1. Looks good, but may be a hint too generous on the advancement. In RC, how does the halfling saving throw table compare to the dwarf's?

  2. Yeah, I was trying to balance things more towards fighting than magic with the Basajaun, but I think I still gave them too much magical power. I might reduce their magic to the point where they advance as a cleric only up to fourth level or so, whereupon they gain no more spells.

    Halflings and dwarves have the same saving throws. Just thought I'd mix things up a little bit. ;)

  3. Yeah, adding magic to the best saves in the game means they probably need more expensive advancement.

    I love the feel of these. I could easily see myself using this version of elves in my games, especially if I wanted a toned-down Tolkien feel to my campaign.

    - Brian

  4. Yeah, I think I'll tone down their magical prowess. They were only supposed to have a sprinkling of magic, but I think I got carried away.

  5. I'd be tempted to try to replace the spells with a very short list of once-per-day powers. But that might be too powerful for a PC class.

    - Brian

  6. It depends on the powers, of course. That actually isn't a bad idea. The Basque stories say that the Basajaun were able to predict and control the weather, so it could be something to do with that; very simple abilities like Weather Sense, gradually increasing in power to Call Lightning or somesuch.