Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Authentic Cave Scratchings

Map of Yoon-Suin, scrawled on hotel note/memo pad thing.


  1. What no hexes?!


  2. Hexes can come later. :)

    Very cool--I'd adventure in it.

  3. It's funny how inspiration often strikes in places where the tools for recording it are less than ideal.

  4. Trey: There is actually an inversely proportional relationship between the quantity of inspiration and the quality of tools and resources available. This is known as the Beer Coaster Principle.

    Noisms: What does it say between Old Lahag and the coast? It looks like Old Vrangadangar or somesuch?

    Does that other thing say Mirasaki-Shio?

    The Sundurbans? (is it Sandurbans?)

    Mamarind Vo?

    Just in case someone might want to do another map :)

  5. Anonymous: They don't make hotel memopads with hexes, unfortunately. ;)

    Zack: Wait for the pdf then!

    Trey: Actually I have about ten of those pads at home - I stole them from this hotel a year or so ago. I just didn't have any other paper in the apartment!

    Thomas: It says "Old Vijayanagar (ruin)". The other thing says "Murasaki-shio". (Those blobby bits at the bottom are supposed to be coral reefs and atolls, by the way.)

    The other ones are Sandurbans and Mattarind Vo.

    In case anyone is thinking of drawing a better version (heh) the whole area around Lamarakh, and th bit called The Great Green, are tropical forest. Sughd, Lower Druk Yul and the Hundred Kingdoms are tropical grasslands. The hills are mostly forested.

  6. Love the post title in light of related comments...