Thursday, 21 January 2010

Spelljammer/Sword & Planet/Space Fantasy Playlist

1. To the centre of the universe...
2. Spaceman destroy...
3. Till moondust came along and burned you.
4. Feeling yourself disintegrate...
5. They say the Nile used to run from East to West.
6. I talk to planets baby!
7. Well I try to cross the edge.
8. It's a godawful small affair.
9. In your mind you have capacities you know...
10. Please take me home.
11. Everybody is a star.
12. Space, the final frontier...


  1. This is a very cool play list, however I'd exchange the killers for some early pink floyd or parliament.

  2. Cool. Interesting cover of "life on Mars."

    I'd probably include to theremin selections from the "Forbidden Planet" soundtrack. Well, some short selections.

  3. now I have an urge to go and do something with spelljammer. thanx very much...

  4. Great list. I'd agree with squidman, though. Perhaps some Budgie?

  5. I keep toying with this idea, which tends to crop up on rpgnet threads and the like, of basing a campaign around an album, with the individual scenarios inspired by the song titles. I can never decide on an album to use though. Perhaps I should just pick one at random.

  6. squidman: Yeah, I didn't want to put in anything too chart-ish, but I do like that Killers song.

    Trey: Neil Hammond's one of my favourite singers.

    opossum101: Sorry. ;)

    Chris: Ambient?

    Erin: Complete with proper D&D-esque cover.

    Kelvingreen: I'm sure we've all had those thoughts at one time or another.

    Booberry: There were already enough sprawling guitar epics in there. ;)