Friday, 6 January 2012

Oh Dear

I was watching some video on youtube, and before it came on, I saw this crappy movie trailer. I watched it thinking, "Oh dear, another naff and cliche-ridden SF blockbuster that will probably just give me a headache", and wondered what daft title it might have.

Then something slowly dawned on me: this is the John Carter of Mars film.

Oh dear. I wasn't expecting much, but all the same. Oh dear.


  1. The trailers I've seen so far have been pretty good. Not 100% faithful to the source material - but then that would include a lot of naked people...

  2. I quite liked the first trailer. It had a thoughtful and - dare I say? - literary tone, I felt. This one? Not so much. Reminds me of Attack of the Clones. ::shudder::

    So it's one and one so far. Hopefully they'll put out a third trailer for the rubber match.

  3. It reminded me of Attack of the Clones, Avatar, and Prince of Persia.. *shudder* Also his speech is the trailer, the one meant to inspire, is of such banal and trite emotional tone it is sad.

  4. I'm pretty much banking on it being at least as good as Starship Troopers.

    Yes, that is where I'm setting my bar.

  5. Hmmm. Don't have high hopes. Did I see McNulty in there?

  6. zero_zero_one and sirlarkins: I thought the first one was so-so and this one was awful. That gives them an average of "bad" so far. I suppose I shouldn't judge before I've actually seen the films but... Argh, I love the John Carter books, and I wish the trailers made me feel genuinely excited.

    wrathofzombie: Yes, Attack of the Clones was what I thought of too, and in the worst sort of way.

    Marshall Smith: My bar is about at the "I hope it's better than the new 'Clash of the Titans'" sort of level.

    Lydia Kang: You did. It actually has a decent case according to wikipedia, including William Defoe and Mark Strong.

    Interestingly, Michael Chabon is apparently one of the writers. Given that's the case, my excitement level has elevated a tad. Assuming it's the Michael Chabon.

  7. The Pixar folks are involved.

    Every time I see a Pixar trailer, I wince. I think, "Ugh, ok, this is one to miss."

    And every time I see a Pixar flick, I think, "Damn, that may be one of the best movies I've seen all year."

    So I'll probably go see this one, no matter who blah the trailers are.

  8. LOL...Well, at least I see some half naked men with decent bodies running around. But is that enough of a reason to see this movie?? Idts...

    Happy Weekend :)