Friday, 27 January 2012

Random Boss Generator

Need the name for a BBEG, or just a sinister-sounding weird NPC who lives at the bottom of a dungeon/in an ancient tower/in a ruined manse/in a volcano/in the sewers? Use this table. Can be used for [name/no name] +[qualifier+noun] or [noun+qualifier] -e.g.:

Elizabeth, the Queen of Bats
Ugpapa, the Dog Chief
Snurri, the Dreamer of Knives
The Worm Lover
Osman, The Famine Pope
The High Priest of Frogs

Should have d100-worth of entries. Make your own.


  1. I also like the idea of using 'brother' or 'sister' as a noun. I imagine that person is a strong ally of whatever force or group is rolled for the qualifier.

    Good work though, this is awesome.

  2. some of this stuff is in here already:

    some of it isn't--so get on it!