Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Map of New Troy

I spent a hungover Saturday drawing this map of mundane New Troy. I used a combination of these gimp brushes, the wonderful mkhexgrid, and my own inept drawing skills. Names have been stolen without shame from The Matter of Britain, Le Morte d'Arthur, and other similar sources.

Not all of it is labelled, obviously. The action centres around the castle of Kinkernadon, which is close to two small walled towns, Wroxeter and Bedgraine, and sandwiched between two rivers - the Great Ouse and Little Ouse. To the South, the dark forest of Broceliande, known to be the haunt of the fae. To the East, Listeneise, dangerous hills in which lie the caves the lead to Muspel. To the West, Tinchebray, another deep wood in which, if you take a wrong turn or stray from the path, you can easily find yourself slipping into the faerie realm.

Dragons represent beasts; skull-and-crossbows are human dangers. Stars are portals to faerie. Single huts are hermits, witches, or similar. Two huts together are a sizeable village; on other clear hexes there will be farms and hamlets. Pickaxe and spades are mines. Towers are, er, towers.

I'll key it properly in the coming days. Following it will be a map of Faerie. The essential concept is that this mundane map is a 15x10 mile area with 1-mile hexes; the Faerie map will be a mirror reflection, except the hexes are 6-miles and the contents are twisted and strange. Both Gort's Friend and Adrian have made excellent comments on recent entries that I intend to incorporate.

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