Friday, 10 January 2014

New Years, New Projects:

Because of having a busy period in my life as well as devoting most of my creative energies to getting Yoon-Suin in publishable form, the blog has turned away from production of actual stuff and increasingly become merely a forum for my bizarre diatribes and contentless ramblings. THIS MUST CHANGE.

Therefore, I've decided that, as a backlash against this and as a kind of palate-cleanser from Yoon-Suin, I will start publicly creating a campaign setting here on the blog. Nothing huge, but a sandbox in which to place some beginning characters while also showing how I go about prepping for a campaign. When it's over, I may go on to do an urban sandbox for Cyberpunk 2020 too.

Step one, of course, is thematic coherence, which I discussed here as an elaboration of the 25 word method of setting seeding. I want a setting which is high fantasy, because I don't do that enough. Something more European in flavour, more based around faeries and changelings, witches and giants, mythic underworlds and odd folklore, ladies in lakes and geas spells. In other words, I'm picturing a mixture of Jack Vance's Lyonesse books, the Grimm fairy tales, Gene Wolfe's The Wizard Knight, The Chronicles of Narnia, Changeling: The Dreaming, Pendragon and Le Morte d'Arthur. But D&D, motherfucker. Is that 25 words? It'll do.

Some visuals:


  1. You can't go wrong with DiTerlizzi :)

  2. Oh, and I don't want to shill too much, but the d30 Sandbox Companion is truly a thing of beauty.

    1. I saw that the other week. It's something that totally passed me by. It's worth getting, then?