Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Dimetrodon Broods

Ebu Gogo has had many broods sired by dimetrodons. These hybrid offspring are a combination of hominid and synapsid features mixed together in manners unusual, unfortunate, unique. Like all their mother's offspring they have inherited something of her forest magicks. 

Groups of half-dimetrodons or specific individuals should be generated through the following stages.

Basic Body Type
1 - Hominid (walks on two legs at a rate of 120, 2 HD)
2 - Dimetrodon (walks on all fours at a rate of 180, 4 HD)
3 - Amalgam (walks awkwardly after extended periods either way, so switches; moves at 90, 3 HD)

1 - Hominid (no advantages)
2 - Dimetrodon (poor eyesight means they are surprised on a 1-4; can bite for 1d6 damage)
3 - Amalgam (can bite for 1d3 danage)

1 - Hominid (can wield weapons and manipulate objects; if the basic body type is dimetrodon only one-handed melee weapons can be used, at -2 to hit)
2 - Dimetrodon (can scratch for 1d4 damage; if the basic body type is dimetrodon the creature can rear up to scratch)

1 - Balancing only
2 - Whip tail (can attack for 1d4 damage)

Spine Sail
1 - Small sail (no benefit)
2 - Medium sail (1 in 3 chance that melee or missile attacks hit the sail for only 1 hp damage)
3 - Large sail (1 in 2 chance that melee or missile attacks hit the sail for only 1 hp damage)

Skin Colour
1 - Green (can pass without trace 1/day)
2 - Yellow (can cast confusion 1/day)
3 - Brown (can summon insects 1/day)
4 - Orange (can cast slow 1/day)
5 - Red (can produce fire 1/day)
6 - Unusual (purple, blue, black, white - randomly select or choose a 4th-level druid or magic-user spell)

Sail Colour
The pattern is solid, spotted, swirls, or stripes (roll a d4); this decoration is a paler or darker iteration of the skin colour. 

Dimetrodon hybrids have AC 14. They can use their sail movements to communicate simple concepts at a distance. They resist all heat attacks. 


  1. Great idea. It's a nice image - misshapen, lumbering swamp-things with uncanny powers. Presumably, PCs might mistake one wallowing in the shadows for a large but docile reptile - until it stands up ...

  2. scary they are closer related to humans than dinosaurs

  3. Nice! The insect hybrids will be absolutely horrifying, I can tell already.

    I wonder, though - if Ebu Gogo has mothered so many within the crocodile's mind, and she's settled in its memories of its early life...
    Has her presence affected the crocodile's memories of its own mother?