Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Sese-Mahuru-Bau's Singing Dogs

One day in his youth Sese-Mahuru-Bau heard haunting, whooping cries from high in the hill forests, where the rain clouds hung low in the sky. He asked a brother what those cries were, and the brother told him they were the howls of singing dogs. "If you are close enough to truly hear their song," the brother continued. "They will cast their spells on you."

As he grew up Sese-Mahuru-Bau learned that his brother was teasing and that the songs of the wild dogs were harmless. They could even be tamed and live alongside people. But the memories remained of those high soft melancholy calls echoing in rain swept jungle peaks. Sometimes he dreamed of them. In the mythago world of the crocodile, he conjured them from those memories of dreams to act as his hunting companions. They move around his forests like elemental ghost hounds composed of sound and shadow and cloud.

Sese-Mahuru-Bau's Singing Dogs

Packs of 2d6+6 hounds made of mist and shade. They come at dusk, or when it is raining, moving through the undergrowth like smoke on a breeze. They often come to accompany human hunters - especially their master, Sese-Mahuru-Bau. Their songs have strange and magical effects.

HD 1+1 AC 14 AB +3 ATT 1d6+1 (freezing bite)
*Ethereal - can only be harmed by magical weapons
*Their song acts as a spell. At a distance greater than 100 yards it has no effect. At closer than 100 yards, it has two effects. 

Bonding Song
The singing dogs call to bind themselves together in loyalty and love. A human hearing this song at close range becomes strongly focused on his comrades. A group of PCs gain the ability to "donate" AB points or hit points to each other when under its spell. But each round they must successfully save vs magic or attack/hinder a comrade on suspicion he is somehow undermining or betraying the "pack".

Sense Heightening Song
The singing dogs call to heighten their senses. A human hearing this song at close range finds his senses of hearing and smell greatly improved. He cannot be surprised, senses magic and anything concealed or secret, and is not reliant on sight (treat as having infravision in darkness). However, each round he must successfully save vs magic or be paralysed by indecision because his senses are flooded and overwhelmed, and unable to act that round.

Mournful Song
The singing dogs call to grieve for a lost companion or simply through melancholy contemplation. A human hearing this song at close range is given a sensation of transcendant understanding of his own place in the universe; he automatically makes all saving throws successfully. However, it might also make him lethargic or morose. The player should roll a d6 alongside any other dice roll made. On a roll of 1-4 on this dice, the other dice roll fails automatically.

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