Thursday, 10 July 2008

Another Spoiler

Another OzCthulu class. A Shaman's magic is going to revolve less around blasting things, and more around curses, blessings, summonings and subtle influences. In fact, I'm not going to have a magic-missile casting "blast-y mage" type class. It just doesn't fit.


A Shaman is a man or woman who has begun to understand the mysteries of the Dreamtime. They use this understanding, which slowly develops over the course of their lives, to manipulate the mundane world. This is done through contact with the Dreamtime - something only a Shaman can achieve.

Shamans are also the story tellers and entertainers of the band. Expert performers, they pass on their people's accumulated wisdom through stories and song.

Shamans can use killing clubs and spears.

Special Abilities: By far the most important ability of Shamans is their contact with the Dreamtime. This is detailed in the Magic section.

They also have the following special abilities:
  • Supernatural Knowledge. Shamans develop an awareness of the supernatural as they grow in power in the Dreamtime. They become intimately aware of goings-on in the spirit world. If a Shaman encounters something supernatural, or hears about such encounters from somebody else, he can roll against Wisdom on a d20 to see if he knows anything about the situation, or the spirits involved. This is similar to the Gatherer's Knowledge skillset.
  • Inspiration. Shamans can inspire others with their storytelling. Before a fight, or a physical or mental trial of some kind, a Shaman can think up a tale or legend to instill his comrades with courage and fortitude. A successful roll against Charisma on a d20 allows his comrades to gain +2 to their saving throws for the duration of the next encounter. In order to use this ability, the Shaman and his comrades must be undisturbed for five minutes.
  • Mesmerisation. At 3rd level, a Shaman gains the ability to mesmerise animals through song, eye contact, or body movement. He must make a successful roll against Charisma to do this, modified according to the situation. If successful, he can influence the disposition of the animal by calming it (i.e. making it non-aggressive) or frightening it (i.e. causing it to flee).

Requirements: Charisma 9
Prime Requisite: Charisma
Hit Dice: 1d4
Maximum Level: None

Shamans use the Magic User experience table from the Labyrinth Lord core rules.


  1. There will definitely be magic boomerangs.

    How could there not?

  2. Please say there will be killer kangaroos too!

  3. These spoilers are great thus far. I'm already mulling over the kind of adventures that could be run in such a setting.

    - Matthew

  4. Matthew: Thanks. I'm thinking of including a big list of adventure hooks as an appendix in the supplement; I'll be throwing the thing open to ideas and suggestions from the public, maybe in a week or two.