Thursday, 9 July 2009

Miscellaneous Barriers to Progress

I'm still mucking around with some basic Yoon-suin-related bits and pieces. Current barriers to progress are:

  • Slugman and crabman classes. I've already decided that slugmen are essentially mage/priest mixtures and crabmen are fighter types. But coming up with XP progressions, spell lists, saving throws and the like is a fiddly task that I frankly can't be bothered with at the moment.
  • Maps. I have maps drawn up freehand on paper, but they are not hexified, and I lack the artistic capabilities to come up with really nice looking maps using a computer.
  • Art generally. Let's face it, I can't really draw.
  • Format. My heart wants to go with an encyclopedia, with the conceit that it was written by explorers to Yoon-suin who gathered together first-hand accounts, scientific and philosophical treatises, and extracts from journals - with just a minimum of crunch in an appendix at the back. I'm not sure how practical that will be, though.
  • Accesibility. I have a tendency to let creativity get the better of me. Too many unpronouncable words and alien concepts might become problematic.
  • Time. This is a problem with which I'm sure you are familar.


  1. I'm not sure which ruleset you're using, but there are a few articles floating around the web that have guidelines for creating classes for basic D&D, right down the XP charts. Unfortunately I can't find them to give you links, but I can say that they do exist.

  2. 1) If you have access to the "Creature Crucible: The Sea People" you could use Tritons as your basis for Slug men, or perhaps use the Shaman rules and apply them to the Magic User class. Might not work, but at least it's an idea.

    2)Non-Hex maps can be solved a couple of ways. Either scan them load them in photoshop, add another layer and add a blank hex map to it. Fiddle with transparencies if needed and there you go.

    The other option is to simply not use Hexes in the map. Just add a scale and let have at it. Hex maps are convenient, but by no means required.

    3) Art is always the most expensive part of a project. I'm not sure how to resolve this problem. For my "Hunting and Gathering" Project I was lucky enough to have a fiance that is a skilled artists who wants to get involved.

    4) I love the explorer journal idea. it would definitely be unique and give a good feel for the setting.

    5) Remember that in this community R'lyeh, Castle Zagyg, and Githyanki are all commonly used words. I don't think unpronounceable or alien is a problem, it's a feature.

  3. # Slugman and crabman classes.

    Amityville Mike's version of the Crabaugh(sp?) custom class builder for B/X D&D

    # Maps.

    Hexmapper or Dungeon Crafter with the old school blue tile sets are godsends

    # Art generally.

    Practise. Sketch impressionistically (the eye fills in what the line only infers). If needs be Photoshop existing images to be more what you want.

    # Format.

    The encyclopedia could be fun.

    # Accessibility. I have a tendency to let creativity get the better of me. Too many unpronouncable words and alien concepts might become problematic.

    You're talking to kids who grew up on High Gygaxian and the terse, almost telegraphic rules of wargames. ;)

    # Time.

    Sleep is for the WEAK!!!

  4. Blizack: Thanks. I'll take a gander around and see what comes up.

    Bluskreem: Good advice. Thanks. I'll have to track down the Creature Crucible you mention.

    Chris: Cheers. The Amityville Mike file is great - although rather frustratingly it doesn't have the base xp cost table included!

  5. I am willing to help with anything you might need (I can do InDesign layout for PDF's).

    Love your campaign material.

  6. Do the encyclopaedia thing. Sounds great!!! I think the WHFRP monster manual is great because of all its encyclopaedic detail.

    I used to have Dungeon Designer, it makes pretty maps but by god! If you thought time was a problem before you started trying to use DD... now I just steal maps. Or use Earth.