Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Fighting Fantasy Monday: Seas of Blood (VIII)

So here we are, stuck in a pit with some sort of giant reptilian beast. Last time we had the choice to either run around the monster, or use its back as a springboard to leap out of the pit. I'm glad to see that you were mostly all man enough to go for the second option. Let's see what happens.

You run and dive at the beast's head, grasping it by the horns and flipping yourself on to its back. It performs a ferocious jump in an attempt to dislodge you, but actually gives greater impetus to your leap for the edge of the pit. With only inches to spare, you succeed in grasping the rim. With the abbot still laughing at your expected demise on the horns of the beast below, you crawl out and into the chamber. Turn to 225.

See, being Sinbad-esque always pays off.

You face the surprised abbot and his equally surprised attendant monk. Whipping your scimitar from its scabbard, you rush the pair, cutting the monk down before he can defend himself and then crossing swords with the master.


If you defeat him, turn to 390.

Yeah, fuck you, defenceless monk! Now for the abbot.

Round 1: Us, 20, Abbot, 19. Abbot loses 2 stamina.
Round 2: Us, 12, Abbot, 17. We lose 2 stamina.
Round 3: Us, 22, Abbot, 16. Abbot loses 2 stamina.
Round 4: Us, 24, Abbot can't win. Abbot loses 2 stamina.
Round 5: Us, 21, Abbot, 19. Abbot falls to the floor, dead.

You search the abbot's chamber and discover a chest which contains no Gold Pieces. The abbot's sword is also a worthy prize, being forged from the finest Marad steel; it will add 2 to your SKILL whenever you engage in hand-to-hand combat. Searching the room further, you find a trapdoor under the abbot's chair, which opens on to a spiral staircase. Descending this, you arrive at a rough-hewn corridor, which takes you to a point outside the castle walls. You recover your waiting crew, return to the Banshee, weigh anchor and head down the coast. Turn to 123.

"Contains no Gold Pieces." Great.

The Banshee is sailing just off the southernmost tip of Enraki. Apart from this island, the horizon is clear, with neither ships nor clouds visible. The main trade routes between Kish and the Eastern Rim lie to the south, between Enraki and the Shoals of Trysta.
You could patrol this stretch in search of rich merchantmen (turn to 318), or, if your crew have suffered casualties, you could sail to the neutral city of Assur to recruit some more men (turn to 171). Alternatively, if you're feeling lucky, you could try your fortune in the gambling-pits of Calah (turn to 211), or proceed to the Eastern Rim for a bit of coastal raiding (turn to 197).

Log: 13 Days
Gold: 63
Slaves: 1
Crew Strength: 15
Stamina: 15 (out of 19)


  1. Rich merchants (318)... our hold is rather empty this far into the voyage.

  2. (318) Go after rich merchants!

    (the word verification term was "chilloo" - surely that is some kind of D&D monster?)

  3. Have we suffered casualties? I can't remember. If so, to Assur! If not, let's see if we can pick off some merchantmen.

  4. #318 - if you're not pillaging fat merchants ye fail at life as a scurvy buccaneer.

  5. Aren't we now on (effectively) SKILL 14 in combat thanks to the Abbot's sword? Game balance, we've heard of it!

  6. i'd say go for the gambling pits

  7. gambling pits! we suck as pirates but maybe we can have some luck gambling.

  8. Raiding on the Eastern Rim...we need to take some slaves!

  9. Billy Billerson9 March 2010 at 18:16

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  10. I say we if we are pirates we should be pirates. 318