Monday, 5 July 2010

Fighting Fantasy Monday: (And it's actually Monday!) Fangs of Fury (II)

[I hear there's some sort of celebration in America on the 4th of July. Can't imagine what it is, but I hope my American readership had a nice time.]

It's been a while, but if you cast your mind back you'll remember that, after a very convoluted and contrived back story, we were in a labyrinth trying to decide whether to go right down a tunnel and disobey instructions, or climb over a pile of rubble. The votes were to be a good boy and climb over the rubble like Captain Laski said.

You scramble up the pile of rubble. It moves under you and, suddenly, you see bright sunlight. You scamper up and at once hear gruff voices shouting commands. Just then you slip, and a large warty hand stretches down and helps you up. You stand there blinking in the bright light and see a Goblin smiling at you. Behind him a group of soldiers are pushing a giant battering-ram against the huge outer defences of the Citadel. There is dust and smoke everywhere. You look down to see the rubble move again and the hole you emerged from seal itself. The Goblin shouts at you. "Watch your step! Next time I'll let you get buried! Now, who are you and what regiment are you marked for? I don't see any insignia."

Do you admit that you don't have a regiment (turn to 298) or do you give him a name (turn to 378)?


  1. Time to bluff... let's give him the name of a regiment!

  2. I say fess up. Throw ourself at the mercy of this fine goblin.

  3. kill the goblin!

    no, wait!

    bluff the goblin!

  4. I believe the American holiday is a day of lamentation for the severing of ties with the imperial overlord ;)

    Spin the goblin a web of lies.

  5. i guess i must have hit my head falling down that hole. can't remember a thing. which way to the front line again? what regiment, uh..., sir? are you captain yogbo?!

  6. Ha! I loved this book when I was younger. Too bad you can't include the illustrations--they were awesome.

    Definitely bluff the goblin!